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Who is the richest Bitcoin owner?

Technically, Bitcoin was worth less than 10 cents per bitcoin upon its inception in 2009. The cryptocurrency has risen steadily since then and is now worth around $6000 per Bitcoin. This is the most remarkable appreciation of the value and has created many millionaires over the last eight years.
Here are the top ten people/institutions that held a large amount of Bitcoins over time:
1. Satoshi Nakamoto
The creator of Bitcoin, who hides behind the moniker Satoshi Nakamoto, remains the major holder of bitcoins. The number of bitcoins that Nakamoto owns today is estimated at around 1.1 million, based on the early mining that he did. This is the equivalent of about $6 billion at today’s exchange rate of 1BTC to 6,098 USD. At least Nakamoto has never touched most of his bitcoins, and neither converted them into real-world currencies nor used them for any other purpose. If he were to sell his entire stash, the value of Bitcoin could plummet in an instant.
2. Bulgaria
Bulgaria is currently sitting on one of the biggest stashes of Bitcoin in the world. How did the European nation come into the possession of this enormous sum of money? A crackdown on organized crime by the Bulgarian law enforcement in May 2017 resulted in the seizure of a stash of 213,519 Bitcoins, enough to pay off a quarter of the country’s national debt.
According to Bulgarian authorities, the criminals used their technical prowess to circumvent taxes. As of June 2018, the virtual coins would be worth more than $1.2 billion. The Bulgarian government has declined to comment on the status of the coins.
3. BitFinex
BitFinex, a crypto exchange, has one of the largest bitcoin wallets with 163,133.38 BTC that are worth approximately $1 billion at the current price of $6,098.24 per bitcoin. The coins are believed to be kept in a cold wallet to protect them from cyber hacks, unauthorized access and other vulnerabilities that a system connected to the internet is prone to.
4. The FBI
The FBI is one of the largest renowned holders of Bitcoin. In September 2013, they brought down Silk Road, the infamous dark web drug bazaar, and seized 144,000 Bitcoin owned by the site’s operator Ross Ulbricht, better known as, “Dread Pirate Roberts”. Ulbricht made critical blunders that allowed investigators to locate the site and link him to it. Users of Silk Road are said to have traded around 9.5 million bitcoins since Ulbricht launched the site in 2011. Even thought the FBI sold a large amount of their Bitcoin holdings or even all, the FBI worth mentioned as they had a fortune in Bitcoin at some point. A large portion of the Bitcoins seized and sold went to Barry Silbert.
5. The Winklevoss Twins
Tyler Winklevoss and Cameron Winklevoss were among the first Bitcoin billionaires. The duo had first gained popularity when they sued the Facebook C.E.O. Mark Zuckerberg for allegedly stealing the idea of creating Facebook from them. They were contacted by Zuckerberg to develop the ConnectU site, which was to become Facebook later on.
They used $11 million of the $65 million cash compensation they received from the legal dispute with Zuckerberg to purchase 1.5 million Bitcoins in 2013. Back then, one Bitcoin traded at $120. That investment has increased more than 20000% since then.
The twins allegedly own around 1 percent of all Bitcoin in circulation. Their combined net worth is approximately 400 million. They created the Windex, funded several bitcoin-related ventures and invested $1.5 million in BitInstant.
6. Garvin Andresen
Although bitcoin is the brainchild of Satoshi Nakamoto, Garvin Andresen is credited as the person who made it what it is today. Garvin is one of the people who has been suspected to be Satoshi, a claim he denies. Rather, he says that he had a close relationship with the anonymous cryptographer for many years. The real Satoshi Nakamoto picked him as his successor in late 2010. Garvin became the chief developer of the open source code that determines how Bitcoin operates – and whether it can survive. He was once paid over $200,000 in Bitcoin by the Bitcoin Foundation for his contributions. He had already cashed out multiple times.
7. Roger Ver
Roger Ver, otherwise known as Bitcoin Jesus, is one of the first Bitcoin billionaires and believed to hold or held at least 100,000 bitcoins. The renowned libertarian allegedly dropped out of college to focus on his bitcoin-related projects. Unlike other crypto billionaires out there who are throwing their cash in the typical private Islands or luxury jets, Ver’s dream is to establish his own libertarian nation where every individual is the absolute owner of their own life and are free to do whatever they wish with their person or property. The controversial bitcoin evangelist renounced his U.S. citizenship in 2014 and relocated permanently to a small Caribbean Island.
8. Barry Silbert
Silbert is a venture capitalist and founder of Digital Currency Group. He was an early adopter of Bitcoin. He purportedly walked away with an eye-watering 48,000 Bitcoins in an auction held by the U.S. Marshals Service in 2014. The US government had confiscated much of the crypto coins from Ross Ulbricht, the alleged operator of the dark web marketplace for drugs and other illegal products. Bitcoin was then worth $350, which means Silbert’s coins have skyrocketed in value from $16.8 million to $288 million.
9. Charlie Shrem
Charlie Shrem is no doubt one of the most controversial Bitcoin millionaires. He invested in a large quantity of Bitcoin in the early days of the cryptocurrency. Shrem was also an active member of the Bitcoin Foundation and founded BitInstant when he was just 22 years old. By the end of December 2014, Shrem had been found guilty of money laundering and received a two-year prison sentence. After his release from federal custody, he unveiled a startup called Intellisys Capital, a company that sells investment portfolios in blockchain companies.
10. Tony Gallippi
A famous business magnate Tony Gallippi is also believed to be one of the big holders of bitcoins. He is the brain behind BitPay, one of the most popular Bitcoin payment service providers in the world. The company was launched in May 2011 and processes over one million dollars per day. Bitpay is also one of the companies to sign contracts with major companies including Microsoft, Dell, TigerDirect, and Newegg. By 2014, the company had employed approximately 100 people.
It is estimated that the top 1000 bitcoin addresses own approximately 35% of the total bitcoin in circulation. There are also thousands of individuals who hold large stashes of bitcoin but have chosen to remain anonymous.
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You Will Lose Money -- Thoughts for Fellow Newcomers to Bitcoin

EDIT TL;DR: As briefly detailed in a post herein, I want to address who this is meant for and give some additional thoughts as I think my motivations may have been misread. This post is intended for anyone who reads about bitcoin and buys a handful (or hundred-full) at market price with the intention of holding them for an indefinite period of time(be it 4 months or 4 years) or trading when they can with the intention of later selling for a profit. By the way, selling for a fiat profit is missing the boat! YOU ARE BUYING AN INTERNATIONALLY ACCEPTED CURRENCY. IF IT APPRECIATES IN VALUE, GO BUY SOMETHING WITH IT AND KEEP THE REST! Do not let your heart sway your dollars. This is a 2-3 year old nascent market that you are entering. You could lose all of your money. The price has increased ~400% over the last 3 months. While there are very good reasons for this, there is also much unknown. A drop to $45 or $30 followed by a months-long recovery before you're back at the price you bought, while unlikely at the moment, is within the realm of possibility.
If you're going to buy bitcoins and spend them today, this post is not for you. Rock on, keep doin your thing, and tell your friends all about it.
Been trying to submit this post for like 10 mins. It told me to wait 7, I waited 10, then it told me to get bent for a while so I had to register a new accout.
I woke up this morning (well, yesterday morning now I guess) and thought "Okay, let's see if we can get 5 or 6 more." That was the plan
As a newcomer to actually buying and using Bitcoins I wanted to offer my thoughts to those even newer than I.
I followed bitcoin mostly the whole way. If I really let my emotions get to me, I'd kill myself at this point. Honestly, I'm still kind of working through them. I first heard about BTC in late 2010 or so. I knew what it was, but...being as there was virtually zero financial infrastructure around it at the time, I didn't gung-ho at all. Can I use gung-ho as a verb? I feel like I can if I hyphenate it.
Like I mentioned, if I let my emotions get to me I'd end up killing myself. I had seriously considered investing a sizeable sum of money in BTC at various times, enough that had I followed through on my intuition I would have quit my job and started my own business by this point.
Unfortunately such a point has passed us. If you think you're going to buy BTC now and profit hundreds or thousands in a week/month, you might want to rethink your decision. By now, if you can invest enough in BTC that you think you'll be able to have complete financial security through its long term appreciation, you probably have enough money that you know what you're doing anyway and are likely already familiar with my message.
That being said there are still significant gains to be realized, and with the way things have gone over the last 6 months there are all kinds of ways to spend BTC now and more everyday it seems. I have always believed in the value of BTC as a medium of exchange in an increasingly global and increasingly surveilled economy. But in the beginning, well, how could I have known for sure? Listen to me, still beating myself up.
There are losses to be realized as well. I finally made my initial purchase a month back. Unfortunately, it wasn't all of the money that I wanted to convert to BTC but I didn't want to go through BitInstant for days in a row and pay fees that I didn't have to. I wanted to wait until my verification went through, wire the money, and be done. In retrospect, the appreciation in price would have more than compensated for the fees I would have paid and I fucked myself out of hundreds of BTC. Listen to me, still beating myself up. Maybe you'll do that too. It's normal, relax.
Not to mention the bad buys I've made, market drops $2-3 (or $10, shit!) 60 mins after your purchase FFFFFFUUUUU... We could focus on the good ones, but that's not where you learn your lessons. Compared to fiat conversion I'm still pretty well up overall. I made my main buy immediately after the $50 wall broke, damn near shit myself when I woke up the next two days. But it's an anxious, painful feeling when you're down. If BTC is your first foray into serious exchange/investment, if you've never lost a full house to four of a kind (i.e. gotten stomped by something you barely saw coming, if at all), I envy you. You're just at the start of it. In the next 4-6 months you will learn more about your tolerance for risk and ability to handle loss than you ever knew before. The most important advice anyone can give is "Don't invest more than you can stand to lose." Don't borrow money you can't repay, don't blow savings you can't replenish. When you're up, that small amount that you could stand to lose never seems like it was a good enough starting point. But when you're down, suddenly it feels like plenty to lose. Sure, you planned for it (or you should have). You might not be out of your home or unable to eat, but it's not like that money was useless to you. You earned it and saved it at some point, and now it's fucking gone. Alternatively, you've been at this for weeks now, made a really good buy or two, then made a terrible one. You're back to the drawing board, screwed yourself out of all your gains - a completely safe position that thousands of investors across the globe would pay to be in as I type. But when you're getting your feet wet you have your eye on the prize, and even losing money you never really had often feels like a loss.
There will be days that you wake up, check the price, and realize that these things are true at that point in time. Expect this.
Something happened to me over the last couple weeks. All of a sudden I don't (as much) what the price is. It has stopped being about how many dollars I have, and it has started to be about how many BTC I have. This is obviously the wrong forum to present this question, but in the last 4-6 months as I've read about BTC all I can ask is, "Okay overall HOW is this not an amazing idea?" and in the 2 years as I've watched BTC it just seems more and more like something that isn't just going to sputter out and go away. Could it go to $55 tonight? Sure. Maybe even high $40s. Truth be told it could crash to shit and take 8-12 months to recover, I mean this is an unprecedented market. Would that scare you? Would you be okay with that? If not, now might not be the time for you to get on board.
You must know, we will surely see corrections. We've seen two small ones (edit: not so small....even later edit: k maybe kind of small overall, hope someone made some money there) in the last 24h already. Unfortunately before we can use Bitcoin to its full potential for what it is (a completely private, decentralized combination currency/store of value), before it becomes widespread, this is probably what has to happen. If it hits $45 or $40 you'll see all these blog posts and articles about how this is evidence it's all a scheme, too volatile to ever be in use, it's a stupid crazy idea, and all that FUD. I implore you: if you're inclined to believe them, do so.
I had a decent bid in at $64 that I made much earlier today. Current price is hovering $57 A week or two ago I would have cared about that fact a lot more. Not now though. $64 was what I was looking for. I sold a bunch above $71 and at the time I thought that people on the other side of the world would wake up, see the price, chart, and panic sell. I learned that I severely underestimated the level of panic, and I'll have to keep that in mind for next time. At this point I can only be confident that when this side of the world wakes up again we'll see another glorious battle between panic and conviction, the victor known only to the unturned pages of time.
I just watched this whole correction/recovery (well, I shouldnt' speak too soon as its still playing out). I had an intuition that the price might go lower than my bid, but I didn't want to change it. It is important to stick to your goals. See, tonight I go to sleep with 5 more BTC than I had when I woke up. Goal achieved. Tomorrow I'll wake up, look at the charts, and set another one. I'm in it for the long haul one way or another, but the journey is half the fun!
Good spending, good trading, good holding, and Godspeed everyone.
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We could use a few more Spartans. Here's what you can do to help Bitcoin today!

BTC is being tossed around like a sex slave by traders lately. This is a guide to quickly investing in a small long position in BTC on Mt. Gox. This essentially raises the ante for the players. If you believe in BTC bu don't have any, this is how to put your money where your mouth is, and now is as good a time as any. On e person with deep pockets is nowhere near as powerful as a multitude of little people in this scenario, and the market is on an enforced pause.
If you have Bitcoin but don't want to sell them(or even open your wallet), this method will also work for you. If you have Bitcoin and do want to sell them, it doesn't surprise me that you are reading a wall of text that.....well, what can i say.
First the disclaimers.
First, there are some who believe that BTC dropping in value could be the best thing for it. I see why that is a possibility, but my counter is that i don't care about the price, i care about stability. Increased stability will lead to more adoption on all fronts (anyone want to do a merchant guide?) and increased likelihood of success. I am not encouraging day trading, i am explaining how to take a long position (a long term bet that BTC will go up vs. $USD). We are just trying to build a decentralized 'floor' to ease the sharp drops.
Second, i am not a financial or legal expert. I have read the so called 'guidance' and am very sure that this method is well within the law. I am just describing what has worked best for me so that you can hopefully avoid some of the many missteps i have made along my bitcoin journey. YMMV.
Third, yes i know that Mt Gox is having trouble lately, and not the best place to put your money. However, like it or not, Mt Gox is currently the public face of BTC value and where the battle for public opinion is being fought. That's where we nee d the Spartans the most.
Last, please post how long this process took you in the comments so that we can get a solid estimate on how fast Spartans can be added to the line in the future.
You will need: Pen & paper, cell phone, computer(not smartphone), two hours of time and a little money that you are willing to lose. DO NOT make a bigger bet than you can afford to lose. This is NOT A SURE THING, but every extra Spartan helps, especially right now.
Step 1. Go to Mt. Gox and create an account.
It's been a while since i made mine, so i don't know how long this takes these days. Don't bother with verification or anything you don't have to. The object is to acquire a Mt. Gox account number. It will be in the form of M********X, where *=numeral.
Step 2. Move some money in to the account.
If you live outside the control of the US gov't, just do what any normal person would do and move the money into an exchange with a debit or credit card. Enjoy your freedom. Otherwise......
This is the pain in the ass part where you will start to understand what 'freedom' really means. Some will disagree with me, but IMO right now BitInstant->Moneygram->Zipzap->Mtgox is the quickest way. It is the difference between 2 hours (24/7) and two business days. If you want to use a different method, more power to you.
Go to, select your country, and select 'Cash Deposit' on the left. The drop down menu will list Moneygram vendors (CVS, Jewel/Osco, 7/11,Stater Bros, WalMart, etc). Select a vendor that is convenient. The right side should be defaulted to 'Mt Gox',which is what we want.
Call the Moneygram vendor to A) ensure that they are open B) ensure that they have a dedicated RED PHONE at their Moneygram station. If they have a kiosk instead of a phone, you're gonna have a bad time, so select another vendor and try again. Grocery stores seem to be the best. While you are on the phone you can continue with the dat entry.
Enter your information. They will ask for your Mt Gox account #, your legal name, a contact e-mail, and your date of birth. Don't lie, it's important to follow the law to the letter in a public environment. If you are looking for anonymity, this is not for you.
Enter the amount you wish to move. Low numbers are easy, big numbers are problematic. The butter zone seems to be $500. Anything higher and you are likely to get rejected further down the line, and have to start the process all over. The transaction limit seems to be 2/day. The truth is that there has been a lot of 'variance' in people's experience with this transfer, and there i no rhyme or reason to it. I am trying to show you what has worked for me. At $500 your transaction fees will end up at 4.75%, at other amounts it will vary because of the $3.95 fixed fee per transaction. If you have a better deal than 4.75% that can be done in less than 2 days, i would love to hear about it.
Play the little game to prove you are human by clicking and dragging the objects around. Vote for your favorites in the comments; i just got 'Put the animals on the ground' which i hereby down vote. There are much better ones.
Once you are certain that you Moneygram vendor will meet your needs (RED PHONE!), click the send funds button to move onto the next screen, which redisplays the info and gives you some transaction codes. Take a screenshot or copy the info(or not) and click 'Go' to move to the next screen.
Now we are at ZipZap. Enter your phone number and your area code and hit search. You will see a google maps style interface displaying Moneygram vendors. If you select any vendor other than the one you selected back at Bitinstant, you're gonna have a bad time. If your vendor is not available on the list, take note of the ones that are and go back to Step 1. Click 'Pay Here' next to your vendor and then click 'Create Payment Slip'.
The two most important numbers are the AMOUNT ($503.95 in my example) and the ACCOUNT NUMBER OF BILL TO PAY, the 9 digit number. If your 9 digit number contains any letters, stop and go back to Step 1. You will not be charged any money if you stop now, but if you try to use letter in the account number you're gonna have a bad time. The 4 digit RECEIVE CODE is also important, but it is a constant 9611.
Go to the Moneygram vendor. Tell the cashier you are there to pay for a money order, and ask if they are going to need a manager to complete the transaction, i.e. make sure they have their shit together BEFORE you pick up the red phone, otherwise your gonna have a bad time. If the transaction times out because they aren't ready to take your money, congratulations, you get to go back to Step 1 (tens timeouts seem to be getting longer, around 10 mins, but again, YMMV. My budget is 5 mins, just to be sure. the fine print is something ridiculous like 120 seconds or something).
Pick up the red phone and get ready to take the red pill.
Follow the prompts with the keypad to enter all your information. This will include your phone number, the amount, the receive code (9611) and the 9 digit acct #. Most likely that will not be good enough (you may get lucky, but definitely not your first time) and so you will be connected to a live Moneygram operator. They will repeat all the info you just entered back to you verbatim and ask you to confirm it. They will also ask for your address. They are looking to check against the address your driver's license (your tax dollars hard at work, the irony is delicious) before the send the money on to Ukraine, who will send it to Japan. They will also ask if you iive in a house or an apartment, IDK why but they do. Once they are satisfied, they will tell you to pay the cashier.
Pay the cashier. Cash, debit or a combination of the two. Credit cards may work, too, but idk for sure.
Go back to the Mt Gox website. Log in and click on Settings. The second menu item will allow you to be notified every time a trade is completed, which is what you want.
Wait for the money. IME it has been 10 to 30 minutes. If you missed ANY detail in the previous steps (i.e. omitted a middle initial in you name as it appears on your debit card, incorrect address spelling, etc...) you're gonna have a really bad time. You will get your money eventually, but you are going to end up in the customer service queue, and they are a wee bit busy at the moment due to this complicated process. You will be waiting a while, and your money will be trapped in transit.
Step 4. Set the position. I don't want to get into the details of trading or Mt Gox, i just want to keep it simple. Feel free to expand the discussion below. Here is the gist: you are going to buy low and sell high. Novel concept, i know.
Set your floor. This is the crux move. The floor is the price below which BTC will not drop, no matter what, its minimal market value. We want that to increase so that the volatility that just shut down Mt Gox goes away, and sane people start to consider entering the market. Your floor price is your floor price, and every individual person is different, but we can floor $100 if 1,000 follow these steps. Last time the floor was $5. It could get really ugly. That is what we are trying to prevent.
So, using my $500 example, i immediately spilt the position, meaning i buy $250 in bitcoin. I know it sounds crazy, but the price doesn't matter. You can duke that out in the comments, but it is true.
Now i have $250 in bit coin and $250 in cash, and i'm going withdraw the bitcoin out of mt gox to somewhere else (newbs seem to like Now i have a minimal (but not zero) investment in bitcoin that is not on mt box.
Using my example again, i am going to bid(try to buy) 2 bitcoins at $100. If i am successful, i will still have $50 left, and therefore some cash in reserve. Now it doesn't really matter whether i buy a bitcoin or not at this point, because i have succeeded in establishing the THREAT of buying at $100, which the speculators can see. If enough people do this (and there are already a ton, maybe even enough, but it is too close to call, hence the volatility and the market shutdown) they won't even try to push that low, and we have established a floor. Pick your own floor number. Seriously, you have to pick the number that you really believe in for this to work, that way everybody's floor number is a bit different from everyone else. Now instead of a hard floor at $100 (speculators push price to $101 and then allow growth again) we have a soft floor that is more difficult to see and react to. It is the advantage of being decentralized, which we must continue to use.
The last piece of the puzzle is to ask to sell 10 bitcoins. You have none to sell, but mt gox will let you place to order all the same. Don't be greedy here! $60 is plenty of reward for your effort. If you try to take $100 out each time right now, you're gonna have a bad time.
The last important point is that every time you get an email that says a trade has been completed on Mt Gox, go back and reset the EXACT SAME trade, even if you lack the funds.
So, in my example, i have a bid of 2 coins at $100 and an ask of 10 coins at $140, and $250 cash and 0 BTC in my account, along with some BTC in reserve.
Let's run through all the possible scenarios.
PRICE goes DOWN and STAYS DOWN. I end up buying 2 BTC. PRICE goes DOWN and then UP. I buy two coins at 100, then sell them at 140. I pocket the $80. If the price goes down again, we can do it again. PRICE goes UP and STAYS UP. We win. There are more fights ahead but they are of a different nature. Cross that bridge when we get there. PRICE goes UP and then DOWN. I end up buying 2 BTC. PRICE dosn't move. This is what we want most.
As long as they keep manipulating the price, you keep pocketing $80. This is how the tool that is BTC works. You can't stop them from manipulating price, but they can't stop you from extracting money from them when they do. The less stable the market, the more
WARNINGS!!!! Here are the best ways to fuck this up! 1. Getting greedy. If you don't sell at 140 and try to hold on, you risk not having the funds to maintain your floor. don't be greedy. 2. Forgetting to reset the trades. Once a trade is made, you have to reset it to have it available again. 3. ????? Am i missing something? Let us know???
OK, my head hurts form typing, but that't the gist of it. I am sure i missed some details, particularly about Mt. Gox, cuz it's really not my thing, and i appreciate any clarifications y'all may have. Also, i'm not going back and proofreading this, so i am sure the grammar police will visit, and i thank them in advance.
If 1,000 do this in the next 8 hours we can start to be taken seriously as a currency, and we will surpass silver in terms of fixed value. Once BTC are worth more than silver, it's only one more step to being worth more than gold.
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