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As the Atlantic‘s Matthew O’Brien wrote, “Bitcoin is a Ponzi scheme libertarians use to make money off each other—because gold wasn’t enough of one for them.” This may be changing however. It's almost as if Bitcoin doesn't have a single price at any one time, but rather a range of possible prices that depend on the observer. Note: the red dots show each day's closing price, and the ... Matthew O'Brien. The Atlantic. November 21, 2013 . Reblog. Share. Tweet. Share. View photos. We were promised jetpacks. We got Segways instead. Well, we didn't get Segways. Nobody did. At least ... That won’t sway The Atlantic writer’s mind. O’Brien believes “Bitcoin… has deeper problems. Its product doesn’t work.” However, Washington has had a dog in the Bitcoin fight ,since ... “Bitcoin isn’t a currency. It’s a commodity,” writes Matthew O’Brien of the Atlantic, arguing that without the control of a central bank, “it’s a speculative bubble.” While it’s ...

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We Have Finally Seen an Ultra Rare Type of a Black Hole

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