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Bitcoin Roller Coaster Guy

Where are you???? Here we goooooooo....
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Why is Bitcoin dropping?

Looks like Bitcoin wants to go lower and not sure why? Is a big whale dumping coins? Does anyone have any insight?
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The Argument for Diversifying your Portfolio Massively! - For Long Term Investors


In this article I will cover the benefits of massively diversifying your cryptocurrency portfolio by using Bitcoin as the primary example. Then I will discuss some of the best ways to diversify your portfolio and which methods require the least amount of work (purchase and hold several coins versus dividend sharing coins like COSS or token baskets)
Let's assume I had purchased 100 USD worth of Bitcoin on Jan 1, 2011. I would own about 333.33 BTC (Details below)
BTC Price (JAN 1, 2011): 0.30 USD
Purchase Amount: 100 USD ~= 333.33 BTC

The Start - 2011

The Slow Increase - 2012

The Bitcoin RollerCOSSter Begins - 2013

The Big Reckoning - MtGox and more - 2014

2015 and 2016

The Unparalleled rise and Altcoin mania - 2017

The Bubble - 2018

Conclusion and The Case to Diversify

  • The main takeaway point from this discussion was that Bitcoin's rise in the past few years has been unparalleled by any other asset class in the world. However the likelihood that you knew or even held through all the ups and downs of bitcoin from 2011 to 2018 would be slim to none (Almost like hitting a lottery)
  • How can someone take advantage of the cryptocurrency market and catch all star risers like Neo and Nano? Diversify! Had someone diversified in 2017 into various altcoins (10$ each in small coins or so) they would stand to gain a ton of profits at the peak in 2018.

Ways to Massively Diversify - Manual Method (Buy and Hold)

  • This method is straight forward, just simply buy and hold a mixed bag of big cap and small cap cryptocurrencies for the long term. Once the technology becomes more adopted and accepted, and when more people find it easy to purchase cryptocurrencies (Trust me it's not easy right now, especially in Canada where banks are blocking it everywhere) you will see decent profits.
  • Only issue with this method is it requires a lot of manual work from creating wallets, storing your money safely and signing up for several exchanges to get the coin you want to hold

Ways to Massively Diversify - Automatic Method (COSS)

  • Kucoin was an option until they changed the dividend model of their exchange to only pay dividends in more Kucoin shares.
  • Holding COSS tokens on the COSS exchange or on a linked external Ethereum wallet earns you weekly dividends in the form of Fees the exchange earns
  • Your weekly dividend contains every coin traded on the COSS exchange, this includes BTC, ETH, LTC, NEO, OMG, ICX and so many more coins
  • Basically by holding COSS tokens the exchange is building a very diverse portfolio in the form of many dust coins and big coins like BTC and ETH (These coins might be dust now but could potentially breakout like Neo or Nano in the long term)
  • This method requires minimal work from your part, just hold the COSS tokens and earn weekly dividends in hundreds of other coins.
  • Note the exchange is facing some known bugs at present (causing some exchange lag), but they have plans for significant improvements in the pipeline with the launch of COSS2.0 (With the market basically having bottomed this might be the best time to buy COSS)
  • For more information regarding COSS see my post detailing COSS here:
  • The coss exchange is available at

Ways to Massively Diversify - Automatic Method (Basket ETFs)

Diversify massively because you never know what a small investment of 10 to 100$ in some dust right now might be worth in a few years
References: This post is heavily referenced by an article written on investopedia and can be found here:
Also a big thanks to everyone that reads my crazy long posts, what can I say I'm a cryptomaniac!
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[HIRING] Animated meme design contest

Hi, We are looking for an original animated graphic/meme for our bitcoin redeem page
Contest is over. Please don't do anymore submissions
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Since a hard fork is being considered...

The hope for many here in Bitcoinland is that bitcoin will one day become a significant internationally-recognized currency, trusted and used on a large scale. To that end, I would like to address one of Bitcoin's most serious but easily remedied issues (IMHO).
Users of a currency want it to be stable, predictable and BORING. They don't want there to be questions regarding its future behavior or fate. Unlike day-traders and high-risk speculators, they want constancy and certainty.
One of the most significant and unnecessary causes of uncertainty for Bitcoin is the "halving event". As the next halving event draws near, you can expect an explosion in the number of posts that ask or predict what will happen at the "halving". For example:
One of the main reasons many want a block increase before seg wit is because at the time of the halving, hashing rate could drop and this will lead to an unreliable payment network
Halving effect on price will occur much sooner than July - here's why
Will the Halving Drive Bitcoin Price to New Highs?
Will limiting block size slow bitcoin purchases as price and exposure go up with the halving?
Question about the Halvening...
Block halving - What's up with it?
Now, perhaps you are the type of person that lives on adrenalin, and loves the roller-coaster side of bitcoin's nature; maybe you even made money from it. But if you want bitcoin to become a trusted form of value transfer, you want it to fade into the background, and be no more thought about than TCP/IP.
In addition, I fear that a significant disruptive event could occur at the halving. If miners' profits are marginal immediately prior to the halving (as market forces cause them to be, if mining has achieved equilibrium), then miners will experience serious losses (as in almost 50% of operating expenses!) immediately following the halving, and this situation will continue, at least until the next difficulty adjustment (bear in mind that there is a limit on the magnitude of the change in difficulty that is permitted at each adjustment, so it may take more than one adjustment to achieve equilibrium). Profit-motivated miners may, if they are short-sighted, drop off to avoid operating losses until the difficulty readjusts and mining resumes profitability. If a significant number of miners drop off, that will impact the time it takes to arrive at the next difficulty adjustment, because new blocks will take longer to discover. In a worst-case scenario, the two weeks between difficulty adjustments could stretch to months, causing delays and swelling blocksizes.
All this angst and uncertainty is unnecessary and avoidable. All it requires is a small change in the reward algorithm. Instead of reducing the reward by 50% every four years (FOUR YEARS!), the reward should be reduced in micro-steps, perhaps even on every block. In this way, there would be no "event" to cause one to worry, speculate or obsess.
There are two (or more) ways in which the conversion could be handled, either of which exponentially reduces the reward, just as the current algorithm does:
In either case, the coefficient is selected so that the last of the 21 million bitcoins is created at the same time it would currently be.
If a fork is being seriously considered, this simple but important improvement should be made.
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We started a informational BTC market website with a light 'Reddit' touch. Give us your ideas and we will implement it! (when feasible)

Hello Reddit,
Since ToTheMoonGuy started his wild bullish escapade we started thinking about building our own informational BTC site about the current market. It needed to be informational but also with a light entertaining touch. Because after all following the current trend of BTC (and LTC) is a wild roller coaster ride.
We build a website that presents the current BTC ATH (All Time High) and current price. We implemented BTC and LTC. On the right side we see our ToTheMoonGuy trying his best to reach the moon. On the left side you can change the currency to USD, EUR or CNY.
The updating takes place every 60 seconds at the moment. Everything will be updated dynamically and the rocket will fly up (or down). At first we had the moon valued at $1000 but this was reached unexpectedly early. Therefor we changed the value to a more applicable price.
We like to implement more functionalities therefor we want to let you participate. Let us know in the comments (or on /btcath) what you like to have implemented and we will (try) to release it in newer versions.
The site is:
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I am starting to like it!
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Strap up before suiting up, it's gonna get real bumpy!
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bitcoin gif Planet Coaster - The Billboards - a true Gamechanger! Tips & Ideas A Roller Coaster of Emotions - YouTube Roller Coaster  Mr. Bean Official - YouTube 'Fake Bitcoin' - How this Woman Scammed the World, then ...

All Images Search by image. Search 123RF with an image instead of text. Try dragging an image to the search box. ... #99142858 - Kids on rollercoaster rides vector illustration. Boy and girl.. Vector. Similar Images . Add to Likebox #85770286 - Ferris wheel and roller coaster, France. Similar Images . Add to Likebox #101947078 - Saint-Petersburg.Russia. may. 20.2018. Kresovsky island.Divo ... The prices are based on dailyUTC time) performance. Development. Bitcoin roller coaster gif Lowest fee trading platform 8 . 2017 . Submissions that are mostly about some other cryptocurrency belong elsewhere. Guest Contributor: Julie Conroy, research director, Aite Group Establishing a new, non sovereign digital curre With Tenor, maker of GIF Keyboard, add popular Roller Coaster animated GIFs to your conversations. Share the best GIFs now >>> Bitcoin rollercoaster gif. Bitcoin is a bubble or new technology. On the rollercoaster ride which is heading to the moon you can see various members of the community. Discover and share the best gifs on tenor. Bitcoin rollercoaster rollercoaster gif from rollercoaster gifs my coworkers kept talking it up and saying oh my gosh were making so much money its doing so well did you check. 3 do you ... Explore and share the latest bitcoin pictures, gifs, memes, images, and photos on Imgur. Over 4,170 bitcoin posts sorted by time, relevancy, and popularity.

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