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Reminder: Jews have real life time machines and want me to think that particle accelerators are time machines

Helloooooooo, it's me Satan/the devil again. Thought I would post another reminder about the jews having real life time machines which they have been showing off to me using their "media" (mostly).
Here's the documentary again, which I found on amazon primevideo after already coming to the conclusion that particle accelerators might actually be time machines.
If particle accelerators are actually time machines, my mother may have actually received a tour of the large hadron collider, because she has been to both France and Switzerland during the same trip and my brother even lives in one of ze countries now. The official reason for her visit was to attend a "patent" conferance. 🤷‍♂️
Dialogue from the Ark Society level of Hitman 2 which mentions "patents" - https://streamable.com/chxs6p
"You see they are sitting on some patents that will knock your socks off."
"Weather control systems."
"Recycling pollution as fuel."
"Cold fusion. You name it."
Satan is naming their time machines too. 🤣
Anyway, she visited one of zose countries again (to visit my brother) and that too without telling me. I told her not to go because of the expensive plane tickets (she has been pretending to be "poor" all these years. well, not THAT poor. "middle class" poor. 🤣). I certainly considered the plane tickets expensive. It cost more than 1 lakh rupees (1,00,000) for a two way trip (which I considered to be a lot at that time). So if I would have gone too, it would have been more than 2 lakh rupees ( rupees are also jewish apparently ). Money that could have been spent on other things (jews have been emailing Satan recently with suggestions like "spend money on experiences, not things". 🤣). Of course, now I think money and the financial system is fake and designed exclusively for Satan but only YOU will know whether that is the case or not. 🤷‍♂️
Oh, and because she was planning on going without telling me, she even agreed to give me some "mummy money" (20,000 rupees) to buy some "pyramid scheme money" (bitcoin) which I then used to buy an antminer s1. Pretty neat pyramid scheme, huh? Has cool miners and everything. 🤣
Anyway because they have time machines, jews not only know what I am "sinking about" right now, but they also know what I will be "sinking about" in the future. 🤣 Check my previous posts and reminders about their mass surveillance tech if you don't know what I am talking about (once again assuming/pretending that everyone in the world doesn't already know who I am and already know about the existence of time machines and other advanced tech). 🤷‍♂️

Moar Satanic Rambling

I mentioned amazon above. They recently VERY actively participated in the "Q psyop" by showing the following riddle to Satan/me in a "riddle quiz" (or whatever you want to call it) that they had in the "fun zone" section of their app. Here's the riddle as I remember it.
"I usually follow Q. But not in QATAR. I come twice in queue. What letter am I?"
I bet they were hoping that I would correctly answer it, but I unintentionally answered it incorrectly as "E". Otherwise it was supposed to be "U". You know, "QU". "Q you". Calling me Q. Q from LGBTQ. 😐
Anyway, I didn't even look at the list of answers properly and had very quickly decided that the answer was "E" because in my mind I imagined the letters going from left to right (in a queue 🤣) and the answer would have been "E" in that case. The letter "E" would have been following "Q". By the way, there is no "E" in any of my real life names but there is one in "JEW". 🤣 Maybe that's why a jewess was pretending to be a bot and other jews were referring to her as EBOT in the Q research 8chan board (mentioned in one of my old posts). They were spelling "ABOT" as "EBOT". 🤣🤷‍♂️
I am also guessing that "QATAR" in the above riddle is supposed to mean something since it was in all caps. "Q a rat" maybe (country names are fake apparently, as I mentioned in my previous post)? Like the rat from the movie Ratatouille? 🤣 Even my mother was once mispronouncing Qatar as "Quatar", and I corrected her saying it's QAtar and not QUatar. But yes, once again, "QU" or "QUA" (Q you, A). 😐 Like I mentioned in my previous post, I now believe she is also a "psyop" participant and she continues to actively participate in the psyop.
Just recently she threw away a pack of masala powder just to make me angry. I had already started cooking when I realized that the pack was missing. At first I thought she may have just hidden it, so I searched everywhere but when I couldn't find it I realized she had mostly likely thrown it away. I am not talking to her at all right now (for obvious reasons 😐) but did manage to indicate that I was angry because of the missing masala powder (not that she didn't already know. it was part of the "plan". trust the plan. 🤣) and she eventually admitted that she had thrown it away, apparently because the pack was "completely open". There were long expired packs of various masala powders lying around (still are) that were actually "completely open" that she didn't bother to throw out but she threw away a brand new pack that I had bought. 🤷‍♂️
Should also mention that everytime I brought up the "psyop", her dialogue was something like, "Internet people are tricksing you-internet people are tricksing you". 🤣🤷‍♂️ "Internet people" are "tricksing" me apparently. 🤣 Well, I am translating but she was using the word "tricks". 🤷‍♂️
I believe I have also figured out what one of my real life names actually means. One is supposed to be calling me an "objectophile" (like "QU". "Objectophile U".) and the other one (the one in my birth certificate, ID cards, etc.) is supposed to mean something like "You are a fool/simpleton, devil". Any jew here willing to confirm? 🤣
Anyway, as jews already know, I think it's okay to be a fool/simpletion but not okay to be evil. Who goes to hell? A fool/simpleton or someone who is evil? <- "Q" style questions. 🤣
As I mentioned in my previous posts, I believe ALL jews are evil. Especially if all of them indeed know who I am and have been watching me all these years. 😐 Someone was even posting on 8chan saying something like, "we are not evil. promise...". Watch a compilation of everything you have done to Satan all these years if in doubt about the fact that you are evil. I am assuming you have recordings. Or did the jewesses who run the jew world delete them from the face of the Earth and are now claiming that some of the things that I have been "sinking" about never happened?
Other than that they have continued to do shit like male genital mutilation and abortions despite having time machines and knowing in advance that Satan will be anti-male genital mutilation and anti-abortion. Assuming that abortion is real of course. I haven't seen it with my own eyes after all (just like my mother says that she DOES NOT believe that god exists just because she hasn't seen god with her own eyes. heard the same thing from others. 🤣). I even remember someone posting pro-abortion shit in the 8chan Q research board. Something along the lines of "if you want to buy a gun, do it. your choice, pro-choice...". How about "if you want to do the apocalypse, do it. your choice pro-choice", hmmm? Besides, jewesses who have had abortions could have "chosen" to not have sex. If abortions are real, I am guessing there are many jewesses out there who have had abortions by the time they were 30.
Satan is 30 years old in his current human form and is a virgin. 🤣 Even the "Virgin" brand is referring to Satan. Yes? Also figured out recently that the "Coca Cola" brand is referring to Satan also. Bought an "(allocacoc)[https://www.allocacoc.com] powercube" and found the name odd initially but realized that it was Coca Cola spelled backwards with an extra "L" and knew it was supposed to mean something. Later saw one of those "coke and mentos" videos on youtube again and finally realized what it is supposed to mean. "Coca Cola" is supposed to be "A Cola Coc". "Cola" is supposed to be "কলা". It's supposed to be referring to Satan's dick. That's why there were those "muh dick-muh dick-muh dick" posts on the 8chan Q research board. Yes? 😐
Anyway, if the "Coca Cola" brand was indeed established in the year stated in wikipedia then it would seem that the jews have had time machines for the past 100 years at least.
I have also realized that "muh dick" is also partially mutilated and my mother lied to me about that also. Claimed to have taken me to the nurse because she noticed "pus" was coming out of my dick and the nurse did some "cutting". Said that there would have been "कष्ट" after marriage otherwise. Had no idea at the time what she was talking about, but perhaps she meant that a lesbian jewess might have found my unmutilated dick "ugly"? 🤣 Watch that "Nip/Tuck" episode#Episodes) and that "South Park" episode defending male genital mutilation if you have no idea what I am talking about.
What if jews force their senior citizen parents to get a face lift, nose job, liposuction, or whatever without anaesthesia? And say shit like "we are only doing it to make you look beautiful so that you don't have any "कष्ट" if you decide to get married/remarried or so that you are invited to more lemon parties"? 🤣 They can use their mind control tech to wipe the memory of the surgery afterwards if necessary (or use roofies if they are real 🤣). Can even invite people to witness the surgery and they can say "mazel tov", "oy vey", or whatever it is they say after a "bris".
Now, I don't know if "brises" are real because I haven't seen one with my own eyes. I have however seen a "fully mutilated" dick when I was a kid (3rd grade). It was in the school (a different school, not the one I mentioned in my previous post) bathroom which was just a "shed" with a drain in it (was the female bathroom also just a shed with a drain in it? There was even a South Park episode about school bathrooms but in their case the bathroom wasn't just a "shed" now, was it? 🤣). Anyway, I assumed that I had seen a catheter "wrapped" around his dick as I had heard about catheters by then but did not know what they looked like or how they worked. I asked the kid why his dick looked different assuming that he would confirm my theory that he was peeing using a catheter. But he replied saying that it's because he is "muslim". It was an odd explanation I thought, and even asked my mother that day and she didn't bother to explain it either.
Even after that incident I didn't know about "male genital mutilation" for years. But eventually "real time" told me. But even then I didn't know that even my dick was partially mutilated but "real time" has now told me about that too. 🤷‍♂️
Well, jews were also posting a "render" (I think) of an unmutilated dick on 8chan and someone on voat replied to a comment of mine saying something like "No one actually knows what an unmutilated dick looks like" which I only recently saw. Could have just said something like, "Your dick is mutilated too, Satan" but whatever. 🤷‍♂️

Video games

Already mentioned a video game above, but will be mentioning moar video games here under this heading. As I mentioned in my previous post, they are also using their time machines when making video games. I also mentioneded that I could be living in a simulation for all I know and you could all be NPCs. Later I remembered a video game that I didn't play just because the story/plot had "simulation" in it. I then checked out the plot again on wikipedia and noticed that it mentions "time travel" also. 🤣
The game's loyalty missions impact the ending of the story: if a number of these are not completed, the Boss makes plans for the Saints to take over more planets and expand their new empire; however, if all are completed, the Saints learn that they can restore Earth using time-travel, discovering that Zinyak captured several historical figures and placed them in suspended animation. The Boss soon discovers one of them to be 19th century writer Jane Austen, whom they are a fan of, and who reveals herself as the narrator of the game's story once she is awaken her from stasis.
There's also the following DLC where Satan is mentioned. 🤣
I have both the game and the DLC in my Steam library but have never played them. I bought them during a sale or something. They were being sold as a bundle (Humble Bundle maybe) but I was only interested in Saints Row The Third.
I should also mention The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. The game has some cannibal witches who eat kids (they ate grown ups too; they didn't discriminate. 🤣). And the witches were shown to possess "mass surveillance" capabilities, but they were using magic. They would nail human ears to trees or something. Satan chose to free that tree spirit the first time he played that mission but later noticed the tree spirit did not get rid of those "ladies" for some reason. Plot hole?
Anyway, I read right here on /conspiracy that jews apparently eat aborted babies. It was the "Robert David Steele AMA" I believe.
Were you jews hoping to tell me that you don't really eat aborted babies and I only believed it because I am gullible? There was even a South Park episode recently where there was the dialogue "well, we don't eat them...", but they were talking about cows. Were they actually talking about aborted babies? There was also the dialogue "...nobody wants to do it...". Nobody wants to do abortions but do them anyway because jewesses auto-magically get pregnant (like Satan used to think when he was a kid)? Also, there is a dialogue in a "Penny Dreadful") episode where a witch who does abortions and is called a "cut-wife" says something like "this village needs its cut-wife...". Why did the village need a "cut-wife"? Because the jewesses living there were auto-magically getting pregnant even though they didn't have sex? 🤔
Unforuntately for the jewesses who run the jew world (who are no doubt like those "ladies" of the wood), there are also stories like (Hansel and Gretel)[https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hansel_and_Gretel]. Even my own mother used to try and scare me when I was a kid saying things like "juju buris (বুড়ি) kidnap kids in burlap sacks..." or something. 🤷‍♂️

TV Shows

Already mentioned TV Shows above, but will mention more here.
I recently remembered the cartoon "Pinky and the Brain" and realized they are also supposed to be depicting Satan. Check out the opening theme and the lyrics - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qzZmU0aGmcc
They even show Saturn crashing into Earth during the part where they sing "by the dawning of the sun, they will take over the world". 🤣 There's also "to prove their mousey worth, they will overthrow the earth...". 🤣 Satan is dinky apparently. 🤷‍♂️
At the end of the opening theme there is even the name of an openly-jew jew mentioned ("Steven Spielberg"). If you are a "poor" jew who doesn't know about the existence of time machines and other advanced tech that "rich" jews have, maybe you can ask him what he knows.🤷‍♂️
Also mentioned in my previous posts that I am also supposed to be Jesus and there is this scene from an episode of The Simpsons - https://streamable.com/oumsad
The scene was actually censored when airing on a local TV channel and I even mentioned it to a desi jewess who was "sent" to chat with me. Looking at "muh chatlogs" is how I remembered that scene. 🤣
The jewess was trying to pretend to be psychic or something. She was even telling me about my future which I had totally forgotten about. I did remember that she asked me if I believe in "astral projection". I said no, so she dropped the subject. Otherwise I am guessing she would have claimed to be able to see me using "astral projection" and not because all jews are watching me like Truman from The Truman Show.
I also remember another jewess who was "sent" to chat with me and she was asking me if I had read Harry Potter and knew what a "prophecy" was. When I said yes and used "भविष्यवाणी " to define "prophecy" she dropped the subject. 🤣 She was claiming to be studying to be a psycho-logist and was repeatedly asking me "How do you feel-How do you feel". 🤣 I had no idea what she meant at the time, but now I know (thanks to "real time") that it's just something that psycho-logists say. 🤣 No doubt that was the first thing she learnt at "psycho-logy school". 🤣 Satan is a psycho apparently. 🤣🤷‍♂️
Oh yes, I was talking about The Simpsons. I remember seeing posts right here on /conspiracy speculating whether The Simpsons creators know about the existence of real life time machines because many episodes seem to depict future events. Well, no need to speculate any longer, they do have real life time machines. But it's not just The Simpsons creators. It's all jews. Be it Hollywood, Bollywood, Tollywood, etc. Maybe you can even ask them during comic-con or something if you are a "poor" jew and do not know about the existence of real life time machines.
I now also believe that the boat painting in The Simpsons living room is based on something that Satan painted not long after the shit stick incident. After the shit stick incident that I mentioned in my previous post, my mother agreed to reconnect our TV cable connection on the condition that I attend a religious summer school. That's where I painted a ship which was supposed to be like the ships from Assassins Creed Black Flag. It was supposed to be an art "class" but there was only one and they were like "paint whatever you want to paint". Were they expecting Satan to paint something Satanic? 🤣 I remember the kid next to me was painting an alien. Large sheet of paper but he was painting a small alien in the middle of it leaving the rest of the sheet blank. 🤷‍♂️
Anyway, in case of The Simpsons, the painting is that of "a boat" (wink-wink-nudge-nudge?) but it's very similar to the ship painting that I painted. If you really do not know about the existence of time machines and other advanced tech maybe you can even ask the creators of The Simpsons (in the next comic con or something). You can say something like "a conspiracy nut on /conspiracy claiming to be Satan was also claiming that you have real life time machines and the boat painting is based on something he painted at a religious summer school after a shit stick incident and that you got rid of the Apu character because he wanted The Simpsons cancelled because he got the impression that you were being anti-Trump and pro-Hillary...". 🤣🤷‍♂️
Anyway, there was even a kid at the above mentioned summer school who was pronouncing "cheat codes" incorrectly. He was pronouncing "cheat" as "kheat". Was he acting like the actors from Truman Show and reading his lines from an "eyephone" teleprompter? Or was it intentional? 🤷‍♂️ By the way, the downstairs neighbours' kids were also there in that summer school and they would have at least heard the shit stick incident. Yes? I believe they also knew about the "psyop" and could have told Satan but didn't. How are you jews trained to participate in the "psyop" anyway? Are you sen't to special "psyop schools"? 🤣🤷‍♂️
In one of my previous posts that was deleted by a mod, a jew had commented asking me whether I was a little girl because I had used so many "emojis", so let me mention the cartoon "The Grimm Adventures of Billy and Mandy" also. All three of the main characters are also supposed to be depicting Satan, including Mandy. Check out her devil horns like hairstyle. 🤣
There is also this song from the show. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yui4zkZQwCA
It has the lyrics "if at first they think it's strange, they wont think twice once I've eaten their brains".
Jews thought that if Satan thinks all the evil shit they do is "strange", Satan wont think twice after they manage to figuratively eat his brain? They were also posting this image on 8chan. Yes, Satan has been "fucked by psyops" because physical wounds heal apparently. Not that jews haven't caused physical wounds also but they always end up healing. 🤣


Scene from the movie "My Favorite Martian" referring to Satan's zipper incident - https://streamable.com/n3e30i
Was four or five years old when it happened. The zipper of the shorts that I was wearing, got stuck on my partially mutilated foreskin. I was crying in pain even though there was no bleeding. Jews most likely have a recording of this incident also (if they haven't deleted). Later the same nurse who most likely mutilated my dick was telling me to wear underpants as if I could conjure them out of thin air.
I didn't wear underpants back then and didn't even for years after that incident. Now I wear "square" underpants, which is why there is "Spongebob Squarepants" (I am also supposed to be Patrick). 🤣
Anyway, jews know about the zipper incident too but are continuing to perform male genital mutilations anyway. Yes? Perhaps they are like, "another benefit of having a fully mutilated dick is that you don't have to worry about zipper issues". 🤣🤷‍♂️


Jews are using their time machines even in the music they produce.
My motorcycle that I mentioned in my previous post was seized by the cops (I used to think that the local cops are useless but now I think that they are just fake) using "Coronavirus" as an excuse. And when recently looking at the details of the "Foghat" album "The Best of Foghat", I noticed the song with the title "Third Time Lucky (First Time I Was A Fool)". I have been to the cops twice to get back my seized motorcycle. First time I went was on April 1 (april fools day). I was planning on not going a third time and just let the fake cops keep my motorcycle. After all, they are jews, the motorcycle was made by jews and even the money I used to buy the motorcycle was "jew money". And I noticed that there is also the song with the title "Take It Or Leave It". 🤣 Oh, and now I see that there is also one with the title "Easy Money". 🤣
The name "Foghat" itself is most likely referring to how Satan's helmet gets foggy sometimes. Yes? 🤔🤷‍♂️
Anyway, wasn't able to pass much time with the bike anyway. It was only making me spend fake jew money on fake expensive fuel. Not to mention the trips to the service center. It needs servicing every three months apparently. So, I am thinking I will leave it with the fake cops. What do you jews think? Is it a good plan? Trust the plan? 🤔
Oh yes, the second time when I went to the cops, they gave me a phone number and asked me to call it (I didn't) and also gave me a fake name when I asked for one. Which I now think is supposed to mean "You are Satan, pal", kinda like that South Park episode about mormonism ("moronism"; Satan is a moron apparently; Amaron) where Cartman was like "My name is Yura, Yura Fag". 🤣 If yes, then here is a message for the fake cop who gave Satan the fake name, "Satan is not your pal, gal". 🤣
Yes, the second time the fake male cops were gone and there were only two jewesses. The male cops are in "isolation" apparently. 🤣 I was wondering if I should have shown them that clip from The Simpsons where Chief Wiggum says something like, "look at my badge. cash bribes only..." because most of them are fat or chubby. And because I used to think that all the local cops were good for was scaring and threatening people and asking for bribes. 🤣 The second time there was only one male cop (a gatekeeper or something, who got brave and was rude to Satan) and this time they made sure that it was not a fat one. 🤣 Anyway, I can make fun of the fake fat cops (many of whom have "pregnant" bellies. men and women are equal so men are also able to get pregnant. those cops were actually pregnant. yes? 🤣) just by "sinking" about it. How cool is that? 🤣
I also remember that South Park episode now where they were calling bikers "fags"). Original air date is 2009 whereas Satan bought his bike in 2019. So yes, you can ask them about the existence of real life time machines and other advanced tech also. 🤷‍♂️
Recently Satan has been passing the time "code monkeying". That's why the 8chan administrator is called "code monkey", yes? I have been playing with "CodeIgniter" and there is "psyopy" content even in the "CodeIgniter" documentation.
use CodeIgniter\Controller;
class Helloworld extends Controller { public function index() { echo 'Hello World!'; }
public function comment() { echo 'I am not flat!'; } }
Yeah, the world is not flat apparently but since I haven't seen it with my own eyes I probably should not believe that it's round. Yes? 🤣🤷‍♂️
Well it doesn't really matter if the world is round or "flat". What matters is that if everyone in the world knows me then unfortunately for you, you are all evil. And it's actually more unfortunate for you if you are not NPCs. You know what I am sayin'?
By the way, is Satan's "Mann ki Baat" being broadcast to everyone in the world uncensored or should he write down more of his "mann ki baat"? 🤔 Like how he has been "sinking" to Ubisoft whether the "apocalypse" comes under "everything is permitted". Feel free to comment here with your reply Ubisoft.
Mind-wiped Satan now thinks total apocalypse (get it? total apocalypse. kinda like total eclipse but apocalypse instead of eclipse) is necessary and since he is addicted to TV shows, movies, video games and the internet apparently (all jew media), it would be the unselfish thing to do (assuming it's up to him to do the apocalypse). Yes?
Satan has been trying to be "sober" though. No TV shows, movies or video games for the past two months. Did not renew his 100mbps internet connection either. Let's see how long the lockdown can continue. 🤣🤷‍♂️
It's Saturday and Satan managed to spend hours writing the above post. 🤣
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Long Way Back (Part 2)

Part I
After these events I withdrew into myself. I used to spend most of the free time at home alone. Sometimes I spent the whole weekend lying in bed or playing video games.
In a couple of months I started having troubles falling asleep. Often I couldn’t resist the temptation to “dive” and replace the depressing reality with happy moments of distant past. After waking up I used to lie in the bed fighting a pulsing headache till dawn.
Insomnia made me sluggish and apathetic. But still I would retreat into memories every evening like an addict looking for a dose.
∗ ∗ ∗
I am fourteen years old. School is on summer break. Weather is boiling-hot, so my friends and I are hiding from the sun in a park.
We put our pocket money together to buy a large coke and some ice cream. I am laying on the grass in the shadow of a large willow listening to my friend’s jokes and eating lemon ice pop. If there’s a single word to describe my mind at this moment, it should be serenity.
∗ ∗ ∗
I am twelve. My father and I hike in the magnificent Crimean mountains. When we come home, my parents will finally break up, and mom will leave us. But it will be later. In the meantime I have nothing to worry about. Right now the only thing that attracts my attention is the pure beauty of nature.
∗ ∗ ∗
I am ten. I participate in the national math contest and take the second place to everyone’s surprise. When they call me to give a reward, I glance at my school teacher in the audience and see tears in her eyes.
∗ ∗ ∗
I am fifteen.
I sit at the porch of our cabin waiting for my friends. Disco starts in a couple of minutes, and it’s literally common knowledge that a party is the most important thing in the social life of teenagers in summer camp. So it’s only natural that I’m angry with my friend for keeping me waiting.
At long last they come out. I see Max and my heart fills with warmth and sorrow at the same time. Usually, I try to avoid memories of him, but this is a special occasion.
Max wears ripped jeans, Nirvana t-shirt and a cap. His look makes me amused: from an adult perspective he looks kinda funny, but such an image is taken much more seriously when you’re fifteen.
My parents used to send me to summer camp each year when I was at school, but this time is special. During this trip I will fall in love with a girl (even though our childish “relationship” will only hold for a couple of weeks) and kiss her for the first time in my life. After it happens, I’ll be so excited that we’ll be discussing this experience with Max for half the night.
When I think about it, it feels nostalgic, but I dismiss this feeling. How can I be so sentimental, if it hasn’t happened yet?
Our company finally arrives at a basketball court that also serves as a dance floor. Upbeat music is playing loudly, and most of the people have already gathered. Max nudges me and points at the girl I’m to experience an awkward excitement of the first kiss with. I look at the direction he’s pointing to, and freeze, struck dumb.
Cause I see Nika standing at the edge of the court.
When I met her at the university, she looked totally different, but still I recognize her at first sight. She has long hair with a few strands defiantly dyed pink. She wears a sundress (and it’s actually the first time I see her wearing anything other than a baggy hoodie and jeans).
As if on purpose, at the very same moment DJ announces a slow dance and turns on a soft melody. Without thinking about possible consequences, I approach Nika and ask her to dance. There’s a glimpse of surprise in her eyes, but she still accepts my invitation.
I put my hands on her waist. Suddenly, she moves closer to me and places her arms around my neck. We start dancing, and I belatedly introduce myself. She tells me her name too. I try to start a conversation and subconsciously fear that she won’t talk to me as it was the last time we met in future.
But the future is not here yet. There has been no quarrel between us yet. That’s why Nika answers my dumb questions, laughs at my jokes and sounds exactly the same I remember.
The song ends, and our dance does as well. To me this awkward teenage ritual seems to be the most romantic thing in the world at this moment.
I ask Nika to leave the party and sneak to the beach. Max gives me the thumbs up behind her back.
While we walk together, Nika tells me all kinds of things. She tells me about her favorite indie sci-fi movies. Says that she studies programming as a hobby. Then she says that she’ll soon begin preparing for the graduation exams, since she wants to go to a good university. I eagerly listen to her, enjoying every minute I spend with the girl I missed so much.
We reach the sandy bank of the river and sit on the concrete parapet. Nika notes that we mustn’t get close to the water without supervision, but I see cheerful sparkles in her eyes. I joke that if counselors catch us, at least we will serve a sentence together.
We sit silently and watch the river flow for a couple of minutes. At last Nika starts to speak:
“Do you believe in the butterfly effect? The theory that tiny events in the past…”
“...can have huge consequences,“ I finish the sentence. “You do something that you don’t consider to be important, but by chance it happens to affect the future a lot. Like a chain reaction. Yeah, I believe. Probably. Why do you ask?”
“Well, we met randomly just a couple of hours ago. For instance, imagine that I dressed differently today, and you didn’t notice me because of it, or something like that,” she suggests. “And we’d never meet as a result. Or we’d meet much later. In university, for example. And we’d never know that we even went to the same summer camp…” Nika pauses for a moment, and a vague paranoid thought arises in my mind all of a sudden. “You know, I like you a lot,” she unexpectedly finishes the monologue.
It looks like a coincidence, but ever since I got my power, I don’t believe in coincidences. I hesitate for a couple of seconds, but finally say: “I don’t mean to be rude but… What’s the date today?”
Nika seems surprised by this question. After a short silence, she says hesitantly: “The fifteenth of July?”
“Close enough,” I answer. The camp started only yesterday, so it’s virtually impossible to be so wrong. “It’s the seventh. And what’s the last movie you saw in the cinema?”
Nika fades. Her shoulders sag, and after a short pause she asks: “Which year are you from?”“October, 2019” I answer honestly.
“Huh,” she smiles miserably. “Me too. Maybe, that’s the only way we can be in the same past together ‒ if we go to sleep at the same time?”
She pauses again, and I finally decide to ask a question I have in mind for the last couple of minutes:
“Why did we stop talking? Why did you start ignoring me?”
She chuckles and starts to speak:
“Didn’t you get it? It started that evening at Ivan’s birthday party. We started arguing. You were stubborn as usual, so I said some stuff I immediately regretted. I decided to go back and fix it. But when I came back to the past, it appeared that you suddenly changed the subject before I was able to do anything. You must understand, my ability had never failed me before. I thought that events were invariant, unless I changed them myself. So when it happened, I became frightened and woke up,” Nika stops to catch her breath, but I stay silent digesting this information, so she continues: “At first I blamed the butterfly effect. I thought that I changed something myself, so I tried to get back again in order to amend what happened, but for some reason my powers didn’t work on you no matter how much I tried. Trust me, it was scary. I acted on a whim and pushed you away. And I told myself to forget you,” I see tears in her eyes. “I tried to replace you with other people. It didn’t work. On the contrary, I started thinking about you even more. My thoughts returned to the fact that you were beyond my power again and again, and it annoyed me. Also… I missed you a lot”.
I take her hand in mine without thinking. I know that I’ll never be able to change this moment, but it’s worth the risk.
∗ ∗ ∗
Nika tells me that she discovered her abilities when she fell asleep during the lecture. For a long time she thought that it was just a deja vu. I joke that some lecturers made me fall asleep without any time travel involved.
∗ ∗ ∗
She calls it “to wake up from our reality to another”. I call it “diving”. Different names, same meaning.
∗ ∗ ∗
I tell her that I once returned to 2011 to buy bitcoin, but when I “woke up” it appeared that cryptocurrency never became popular in the first place. I tell her that I tried doing it several times and gave up in the end. We discuss chaos theory for some time, and Nika suggests that it’s possible that bitcoin only became expensive by an incredible coincidence that accidentally occurred in our time branch.
∗ ∗ ∗
She says that she tried to make money from betting, but it turned out that results of most games are completely random. We laugh at it and agree that the universe has a sense of humor.
∗ ∗ ∗
Sun sets and it becomes colder. I give Nika my shirt to warm her up a bit.
∗ ∗ ∗
I tell her about the rules of “diving” that I derived. When I regret about “past me” being unable to remember the “dive”, Nika tells me a simple solution that makes me feel stupid. Turns out that she started the diary on the very same day when she discovered her ability to travel through time. Whenever she comes back to the past, she simply puts instructions for herself in the diary.
It reminds me of something. I realize that in despair Max tried to do the exact same thing ‒ that night in the abandoned building he tried to leave a diary.
I ask Nika if she's ever met other time travelers. After a negative response, I tell her the shocking story of my friend’s death. I also mention the creepy childhood memory.
We ask ourselves: how many time travelers are there around us? How many of them do we meet each day without even knowing?
∗ ∗ ∗
Sudden gust of fresh wind rustles reeds with a soft whispering. Nika moves closer to me. I hug her, and my heart starts beating faster.
∗ ∗ ∗
Nika tells me how she once tried to “dive” while already being in the past. I admire her courage ‒ I never attempted such a thing, and to be honest after traveling to the distant childhood I wouldn’t have tried. However, her experience is not really inspiring: she was able to go to the second level only for a second. When she “woke up” in reality, she felt so sick that she had to skip work next day.
∗ ∗ ∗
I hear voices behind our backs. A couple of kids come to the river bank and stop sixty feet behind. The girl giggles and tells the boy that this place seems to be already taken. We quietly wait until they leave.
I turn to Nika, and she kisses me, probably tired of waiting for me to do the next step.
Strictly speaking, that should be my first kiss. That thought makes me laugh.
∗ ∗ ∗
I tell Nika that we must stay together. It’s fate that we both happen to have these supernatural powers. She seriously answers that I must swear to never use my abilities on her. I agree to that.
We hear DJ announcing the last track of the party. He turns on a sweet indie song. Nika says that it’s very romantic, and we kiss till the melody reaches its end.
“Would you like to walk me home?” she asks playfully. Of course, I say yes.
Near the cabin she says that we need to say goodbye for now. We agree that we’ll both wake up next morning (which happens to be seven years later), and if we are actually a perfect match to each other, then we’ll probably wake up together.
After that I see that her eyes close for a moment, and when she regains consciousness, her face looks surprised for a couple of seconds. Then Nika giggles, kisses me goodbye and runs into the cabin. I realize that she “woke up”.
Of course, I’ll join her in the future. Eventually. No, I do not plan on changing anything or breaking my promises. However, after all I’ve been through, I won’t be satisfied by faint new memories of the changed reality in the morning. I don’t want to lose her anymore so I intend to truly live through everything that is destined for us.
I have a long way back to go.
∗ ∗ ∗
When I finally “wake up”, my head bursts with pain. It hurts so much that I cannot make a sound. There are fireworks in my eyes, so I cannot really see my surroundings. An attempt to move leads to an even greater pain and nausea that I hardly hold back. Suddenly, a cool hand touches me. The last thought before I lose consciousness is that it must be Nika.
∗ ∗ ∗
When I wake up again, I feel a bit better. Migraine is still pulsing in my head, but it’s bearable. I can feel sunlight through closed eyelids, so I realize that it’s morning already. It’s time to get up, but I continue to lie with my eyes closed and think about the past years.
∗ ∗ ∗
I recall how we started dating after that night at the camp. We spent the whole summer together walking in parks, cycling around the city and watching movies at her parents’ home.
I recall that in a couple of months we had our first sex. It wasn’t something to brag about: it was actually pretty awkward. Yet it moved our relationship to a whole next level.
I recall how Nika got into an accident after the prom. She broke her ankles in several places, and it left large terrible scars. That’s when she stopped wearing skirts or dresses.
I recall that we enrolled in the same university, but this time we also went to the same program.
I recall that after the first year in university, we got the identical tattoos on our shins. It covered the scars she was ashamed of.
I recall that one year later she discovered that she can time travel. She told me about it at once, and we experimented with her ability a lot together.
I recall that in a couple of years we finally started living together, and a year and a half ago I proposed to her. The wedding took place on June 22, and Max was my best man.
I recall that I woke up the next morning and saw Max sleeping on an armchair in our living room. He was drunk as hell, but most importantly he was alive.
I recall that we went to Spain for our honeymoon. On the last day of this vacation I looked at Nika’s happy face for the last time in the past. Then I finally “woke up”.
∗ ∗ ∗
I hear someone calling my name. I open my eyes to see Nika lying next to me in the bed.
But at that very second when the light hits my eyes, agony comes back. Just before I start screaming, I realize that I can only see with my left eye.
Nika rushes to me. She’s clearly scared. I try to get up, but I can’t. It feels like every bone in my body is broken. Fighting the excruciating pain, I try to tell Nika what happened, but for some reason my words get stuck somewhere between my brain and my mouth. At last, Nika pulls out her phone and calls an ambulance.
∗ ∗ ∗
When they took me to the hospital, I was already feeling a bit better. Doctors examined me for days. They did a bunch of CT scans and gave me several mutually exclusive diagnoses. In the end they agreed that I had an atypical ischemic stroke. At least it explained some part of my symptoms like partial loss of vision and aphasia.
I didn’t insist on specifying the diagnosis. It was crystal clear to me that modern science doesn't have the slightest idea about what happens in the human brain when its synapses try to adjust for several years of contradicting memories.
Speech disorder and loss of coordination passed quickly. In a couple of weeks migraines stopped as well. However, I lost sight in my right eye permanently. And that wasn’t the worst of it.
First of all, when I was finally discharged from the intensive care, Nika and I had a long unpleasant conversation. She cried at me, called me an irresponsible idiot and liar. I had nothing to say to defend myself. I was guilty in every way.
In the end she calmed down and even seemed to forgive me. But when I was discharged from the hospital, I discovered another troubling matter.
I was unable to “dive”.
We spent a lot of time working on it. Nika tried to help me, believing that my skills got rusty because of many years of break. But it was to no avail. I lost my power completely.
It would be difficult to understand me for someone who had never wielded such a power. Imagine that one morning you try to get up from your bed and suddenly realize that you forgot how to walk. You put your feet on the floor, but you fall whenever you try to stand up. That’s exactly how I felt.
I also remembered how a long time ago Uncle Misha said: “When you are fixed, you’ll understand”. Of course, I couldn’t know for sure, but I assumed that each person has some kind of the internal limit of energy. Each time that we traveled back and forth, we spent some of it. I didn’t know whether this energy source used to replenish after coming back or not, but it didn’t matter anymore. My last “dive” exhausted it completely, because I spent too much time in the past. I became fixed.
Nika shared my pain and sincerely sympathized, but it didn’t help. She was a successful software engineer with a perfect life (how could it be not perfect, if she was able to magically fix any problems?). I was disabled and suffering from constant migraines and deep depression. Each day we became more distant, and I was the only one guilty.
There was another unpleasant surprise. Now, when I was fixed, my memory started to work in a funny way. Each time when anybody changed the past, I continued to remember the old version of events instead of a new one.
This strange effect manifested itself for the first time when Nika called me from the office and asked me to look for her keys. I found them and told her so. The next thing I remember, I was sitting at the computer and there were no keys on the table.
It felt rather disturbing, and my first thought was that I have some kind of memory lapses because of the stroke. Actually, the doctor warned me that such things could happen. But when Nika came home from work, she was shocked by this story even more than I. She told me that she actually called me today, because she thought that she lost her keys. When I said that I found them, she “dived” into the morning and simply took them. I could not possibly remember that, because there was no call in the new version of reality.
At this point the gap between us grew even larger, and we started having trust issues.
In addition, I began to notice other changes that clearly proved that there are many time travelers around, and they are constantly editing the past.
One fine morning Nika and I were discussing our plans, and she mentioned that we were planning to go to the Twenty One Pilots show. The problem was that I’d never heard of these guys before. Manic Subsidal’s concert, that we had actually planned to visit, did not exist. In fact, there was no such band at all.
Another day I opened to play Heroes of Might and Magic only to realize that my favorite Forge faction was nowhere to be found. Google told me that it was designed but never added to the game because of the negative fandom reaction.
Several times I really got confused in my memories. Once I got off at the wrong stop when I was visiting my father. I mentioned a childhood friend who never existed to my mother (it scared her a lot). One time I even forgot the stove on (and I was pretty sure that I turned it off) ‒ Nika started scolding me, but then she saw a bewildered look on my face and simply started crying.
At this very moment I suddenly understood that most likely Uncle Misha wasn’t really schizophrenic.
∗ ∗ ∗
The most difficult thing is to see pity and sympathy surrounding me. They think that I suffered a terrible trauma and now I have difficulties distinguishing reality from fantasy. Each time I want to scream that it’s them who do not see the real world. It’s their lives that are getting overwritten every day by a small group of people who have real power.
It feels like a personal hell, designed specifically for me. Only I know what actually happens, but I cannot explain it to anyone.
Each night I go to sleep thinking that I want to wake up from this reality.
But I can’t.
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Congratulation! LT is now officially launched on the BiKi Exchange🤩

Congratulation! LT is now officially launched on the BiKi Exchange🤩

Different from the traditional financial market, the blockchain industry has a lower entry threshold, so there is a fully competitive market between exchanges. The one who doesn’t be reformed will be the first to fail.
As the most powerful part in attracting money, the top exchanges actively expand its territory to form a monopoly position, while the latecomers struggle to survive in the cracks. The industry competition of the exchanges is far more brutal than expected.

I. Continuous BiKi Events, leading the Industry Innovation
The young exchanges group, represented by BiKi, has successfully broken the Matthew effect during the exchanges’ battle last year. Nowadays BiKi is working hard to change the competitive pattern of the industry through differentiated innovation.
1、Ecological Investment
BiKi Foundation strategically invested in Xuebi Exchange, and opened the IEO of the platform token XB, with the maximum increase value of 8 times, detonated the market enthusiasm to lead the IEO outlet this year.
BiKi has increased the market share of the exchange industry through horizontal investment. Meanwhile, BiKi will also spend 10 million dollars for the vertical investment to support 10 excellent blockchain entrepreneurial teams, and form upstream and downstream synergy based on the BiKi ecology.
2、New Developments in Derivatives
BiKi has launched leveraged ETF in derivatives that offer the convenience the same as spot trading and yield three times higher than it, removing the risk of overloading contracts in risk control. It means that BiKi has entered a new era in the cryptographic derivatives market and is closer to the goal of becoming a financial center in the blockchain industry.
3、The New Subscription Style
Except for innovation in strategy and business, BiKi keeps making efforts in the digital asset market, opening the subscription for Polkadot ecological project, and endows BiKi users with more rights.
The strategic cooperation between BiKi and Polkadot, the top project in blockchain, indicates that the overall strength of BiKi is close to the industry head.
BiKi understands that users are following the asset and has made asset development a top priority. While laying out the ecology of the header project, BiKi also searches for popular assets, such as the LT launched in BiKi this time.

II. Lemon Token(LT)is now launched on the BiKi Exchange
According to the website, BiKi has opened the LT withdrawal and the LT/USDT transaction pair on March 4, 15:00 (GMT +8).
1、About Lemon Game
Lemon Game is a community-based game distribution and trading platform launched by a Russian game developer. Players can download games, buy games, recommend games, review games, buy and sell digital goods, participate in mining games, play with global players, and jointly discover and create blockchain games.
LT is the equity token of Lemon game with a total of 1 billion amount and the trading intermediary between users during the operation of its games, which adopted the “PoW+PoS” consensus mechanism.
LT holders can enjoy several participating interests including profit sharing, platform buyback, mining by gaming or mining machine and IGO. LT can also be used as transaction fee gas and platform access.
2、Highlights of Lemon Game
1) Trillion-level blockchain game circuit
The market size of the game industry in China is around 230 billion. And the blockchain game field will be at least a trillion-level market if the transaction and benefit distribution attributes of blockchain are added.
2) Million-level User Scale
Lemon Game is a new blockchain gaming platform with a 4-year community base and over 1.2 million registered users in China, Russia, North America, Japan, and South Korea.

3) Top Industry Resources
Lemon Game was launched by many institutions, including the Russian gaming alliance Gameskills, the bitcoin mining platform BitLuck, the digital currency social ecosystem LoMoStar, blockchain consultancies, and the digital currency exchange JiamiX. Besides, Gameskills has partnered with 35 gaming companies in Russia and more than 100 globally.
Members of the eco-alliance include the world’s largest H5 gaming foundation Egretia Foundation, digital currency exchange Xstar, SWFT Blockchain Foundation, the leading blockchain technology provider GDO Exchange Alliance and professional global digital currency market data provider SOSOLX.
4) The Top Gaming IP:SAILING
SAILING is a leading project jointly created by Lemon Game Ecological Fund and Russian game producer BRUNO(BRUNO Game Studio) and promoted by the black sail community. SAILING itself is a world-famous top IP and a global best-selling animation, which has a very large scale of fanatical fans around the world and strong self-propagation ability.

III. BiKi continues to explore popular projects
The exchange’s innovation is not through the model but the discovery and empowerment of popular projects, bringing value to community users, which is the core competitiveness in the future, and also the inevitable way for the exchange to accumulate public praise and improve its brand.
BiKi will continue to launch popular projects and provide more value for the industry and users.
Contact Us:
Website: www.lemongame.io
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Alright chumps I see way too many of you complaining about social anxiety. Here's how you END SOCIAL ANXIETY

Chad Powder
That's what I call it. Anyways it's really called Phenibut. It's shit the Russians invented for astronauts so that if something went wrong they could be able to deal with the problem without anxiety. So yes, clearheaded vodka.
Point is, it eliminates any and all social anxiety when you take it. Not in a "I am better than everyone else" way either. More like a "I am genuinely open to and interested in everything you say" kind of way. It makes you very empathetic and confident which is a golden combination. A kind Chad is unstoppable. Here's some more details but understand if you take this stuff you will seriously end social anxiety. At least for a day. And after that day you will have comfort in understanding the minimal consequences on the other end of your fears.
  1. Phenibut lasts all day (~12 hours) but can take 3-4+ to kick in. So be careful with redosing, it may have just not hit yet.
  2. Phenibut makes music sound amazing. Like really really good. It's great
  3. You are perfectly level headed. Able to drive up to 2 grams in dose in my experience with no odd motor control or slow reaction time.
  4. You will be very social, especially if paired with a good amount of caffeine. You will be talking everyone's ears off guaranteed. Almost comparable to MDMA in a way
  5. Yes. It is legal. It's a legal supplement
  6. If you're a dude. It makes you last as long as you want in bed. Not even kidding, you can basically go as long as you want and be able to cum whenever you feel ready. Main reason I take this is for sex at this point.
  7. Can be addictive, so treat with respect. I take it only a couple times a month as I just like it being a special treat for myself. But you could get away with 3 times a week max with no tolerance build up. I still recommend using it as a treat for special social occasions like concerts, sports games or parties.
  8. If you ignored my last advice and get addicted there are withdraws and apparently they're awful. So understand that. Treat pheni with respect and this won't happen
  9. Two versions, HCL and FAA. FAA tastes like flour and you can pour it in your mouth and wash it down, but it's not water soluble. HCL tastes likes lemon metal powder, but it is water soluble. Mix it with lemonade and it tastes good.
  10. Doses. Start small and work up, 500mg, wait a few hours and take another. Keep going to a max of 2000mg and try again another day if it's not enough. Everyone has their sweet spot dose. Mine is between 1500mg and 2000mg
  11. This isn't snake oil, it's a legit drug (like caffeine), look up reports on Reddit or visit phenibut for more info.
  12. Phenibut can be an amazing tool in your social and work life as it can provide that boost of confidence you need some days. Respect it as that tool and it will take you great great places
  13. DM me if you're interested in a 15% discount referral link to my favorite phenibut selling site. They accept Bitcoin, have samples of about $5 and many shipping options. I hope you can discover this amazing substance like I did, it changes a lot. I would post it here but Reddit thinks this is an advertisement and gets mad. So just lmk guys. Take it easy out there. Ciao
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[Saturday, November 17 2018] Colorado adopts California emissions standards; It's now cheaper to build a new wind farm than to keep a coal plant running; Oil Demand for Cars Is Falling: Electric vehicles currently displace hundreds of thousands of barrels of oil a day





  • mvea
    [Title Post] It's now cheaper to build a new wind farm than to keep a coal plant running
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  • mvea
    Bitterness is a natural warning system to protect us from harmful substances, but weirdly, the more sensitive people are to the bitter taste of caffeine due to genetics, the more coffee they drink, reports a new study, which may be due to the learned positive reinforcement elicited by caffeine.
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  • everyEV
    [Title Post] Oil Demand for Cars Is Falling: Electric vehicles currently displace hundreds of thousands of barrels of oil a day.
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  • Crazy_Eye_Pete
    In a lot of jobs, a 99% success rate is considered excellent. What employer would consider a 99% success rate to be a poor performance?


  • salvatoreportofino
    TIL that production of “No Country for Old Men” in Marfa, Texas was shut down for a day because of smoke drifting over from the nearby set of “There Will Be Blood”
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  • diyblogger
    TIL most of the actors that auditioned for the role of Al Bundy on the sitcom Married with Children played him as angry and yelling. Ed O'Neil was the only one that portrayed him as a resigned loser
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  • Starfthegreat
    TIL that the first Indian restaurant in the UK predates the first fish and chip joint by at least 49 years
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  • LithuanianProphet
    William Goldman Dies; Oscar Winning Writer Of ‘Butch Cassidy And The Sundance Kid’ Was 87
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  • hannibal_nectar
    Leonardo DiCaprio and Martin Scorsese’s Sixth Movie Is Officially ‘Killers of the Flower Moon,’ Filming Starts Summer 2019
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  • TooShiftyForYou
    51-point underdog The Citadel produced the longest rushing touchdown Alabama has given up to any team since 2015
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  • Element-115
    Erik Oleson, Netflix's Daredevil showrunner, has just pitched Daredevil season 4 to Netflix!
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  • ZenMercenary
    My grandparents in the 1950's. You probably can't tell from the picture but my grandfather was the sweetest man I've ever met
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  • Mass1m01973
    The lilac-breasted roller is an African member of the roller family of birds. Usually found alone or in pairs, it perches conspicuously at the tops of trees, poles or other high vantage points from where it can spot insects, lizards, scorpions, snails
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Today's subreddit is...


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Youtube alternatives guide/review (Uploading videos and some Live Streaming)

TL;DR: Vimeo, Facebook, and maybe peertube are your only options. I don't know much of PeerTube though. If you want money, I don't talk about that here and there are very few choices
This was originally a comment I made on youtube. The comment suggested to go to Bitchute if your account gets deleted or something (not because youtube sucks)
All the alternatives are lacking either a good homepage that does show you stuff that you would like to watch, or are missing a good way to promote videos and finding them (a keyword/tag system). Only a few don't and you probably already know them. Everyone knows them. I did focus mainly on uploading videos too, sites like picarto and other streaming sites are not mentioned. I can't talk a lot about livestreaming because I didn't try a lot or looked for a lot and I am not too much into it
I also did try all of these for a good while
Sites on the list, in order. With a small summary
  1. Bitchute (It's behind but can get there. I am hopeful for it)
  2. DTube (sucks big dick)
  3. Facebook (Works I guess? Data is confusing?)
  4. Vimeo (Professional, perfect for filmmaking. Please read)
  5. Dailymotion (Trying to make a HD Remake I guess so huge work in progress. Their articles aren't even updated)
  6. Flixxo (WIP, but works nicely. Innovative. Minor bugs)
  7. DLive (Liars, but nothing wrong with it. Works perfectly. Only Livestreaming)
  8. Tumblr (blog but with helpful tags if they are common. No one there really looks for videos specifically though)
  9. Twitter (Only small vids)
  10. Instagram (Incredibly effective tags. Only small vids)
  11. Blogger, Wordpress, etc (Start from 0 :D it is lovely imo)
  12. Openload (Best free host, limits, please read)
  13. Peertube (The torrented youtube?? I don't know shit of it, people think it's awesome, try it. Read for more)
  14. Mixer vs Twitch vs DLive (Same genre, different features, choose depending on who you like or trust more.... as a person... not right answer.) Basically livestreaming.
  15. Reddit (Promote your stuff. Great.)
Then I talk about
Let's start
The only good and finished alternative I can think of is either facebook or vimeo. But they depend on what you do and what you want. Peertube is also another one but again I haven't even tried it. That is my complete guide on my alternatives for youtube lol.
Here's a tip. If you are insecure about your stuff not being good enough, I am not the best advisor, I am just going to ask you to stop that or else you are just not going to do anything. Either upload it and you will get better with time and practice or just give up (if you are a game developer though, unrelated but I hear one guy is a perfectionist and didn't want to release a single game. You should practice and stuff but try to be more confident and upload a game from once in a while anyways. Even if it's mediocre. I don't know if this can apply to filmmakers in any way but it could. I mean, you gotta do something, it doesn't have to be every week, or month, or day. Just something. Could be once a year or every few years, whatever. Just do something fam, you will not achieve anything by doing nothing. It's like trying to get a bunch of optional training for a degree in college but never getting time to put your degree in practice or a job)
As for youtube, I am confident youtube can finally get to the right direction nowadays, but I am not sure that could happen anytime soon. But because of recent changes and what they do I can say that they are at least trying (just a little bit I think, which is not enough, and they may still not realize how important it is to just fix these. Probably only a small part of youtube is trying to improve the issues, but at least it's bigger than before and they could grow and get better with time). I like to stick to youtube mainly because it's more convenient and I like to be optimistic. Youtube is not that bad and the alternatives aren't still there (you don't have to be as good as youtube, you just have to have these essential things to be a good video sharing site)
I also still use facebook. See where it takes me. I will never like facebook for the same reasons many people don't (privacy and just how they work. They are creepy as fuck. Anecdote, I don't want to creep you out. Focus on choosing what site you want to useThey found my alt too when it was only used on another country, on a resort, on another computer, and with no personal info on it. New email. A name that looked real. And I logged out without saving the password to chrome. They are the creepiest people out there in my opinion. They always find my alts (usually made on the same computer sometimes different email or a vpn) and there's no way they found that one)
I also used Flixxo before but since they set the desktop app into their legacy page. I think everyone should still try it but I just want to wait until they go to their next phase, until everything is set up and nice.
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Understanding USA Crypto/Cash Exchanges

Let this post serve to inform those who buy/sell Dogecoin [from other individuals], in order to protect yourselves as well as others.
Update: Title says USA, but someone asked about UK. I don't live there, but laws are meant to be read. Added UK section.
USA Section
The USA has been very helpful in regards to understanding the rising Crypto currency markets, and has provided updated guidances in regards to money exchanges, as well as mining. It's tough to cover all the points, but I'll try to make a few.
Common Questions:
What happens if I'm not "trading", but "gifting" my "friend" $10,0000?
Nothing. And everything. You see, when it comes to the "guidance", it really is just that: A guidance. Where it comes to hurt you is when the FBI knocks on your door, asking you why you transmitted $10,000 to a known terrorist. Ok, that example is a bit extreme, but the fact stays that the guidance is there to protect you until subsequent formal laws are put in place.
So I can trade $999.99 worth of Dogecoin in a day?
You can trade up to $1000 in a 24 hour period. This mean $1000, not a penny more. You'll give yourself a headache trying to keep it at exactly "$999.99".
How does this guidance and current law effect Dogecoin?
All virtual currencies are effected by this law, and does not "nail down" or target any one specific virtual currency.
What if I don't mine Dogecoin, but have bought some and want to use them for goods/services, what then?
You are then a "user" of Dogecoin, and are subject to all regular laws and limitations. Essentially, you can use the coin for all goods/services that are of a legal nature. Use it to buy coffee, hire someone to mow your lawn, or give out freely as you like.
What's the deal with USA taxes?
As it stands, no clear precedents have been set, and though the IRS is aware of the massive amount of earnings many Bitcoin'ers have, this is the first year that users are making a substantial sum of money from crytpo-currencies. Because of this, dealing with taxes has been a much heated debate. Link 1Link 2
More then likely, we'll be getting guidances later in the year in order better understand what to claim and how to claim it. From what I've seen (do NOT take this as legal advice), many users are claiming any gains as Short-term gains on their taxes. Link #2 above is a link to a user claiming to be a tax attorney, and is worth a read (it's LOOONG).
So the people buying $1k+ for doge are actually breaking the law?
No. The buyer is considered a "user" as part of the guidance: "A user is a person that obtains virtual currency to purchase goods or services.". A seller is listed in the guidance as "An exchanger is a person engaged as a business in the exchange of virtual currency for real currency...[etc]".
A good example of this is when you go to an international airport, and go to the currency exchange station. The station must be licensed in order to perform the transaction, but the "buyer" (you) does not need to be licensed.
UK Section
Note that all the requirements below must be met in order to NOT have to register as a Money Service Business; It's not that you are not allowed to perform services if you do not meet all the requirements, but that you must register if you want to perform such actions legally. Since I do not live in the UK and additionally am not aware of any guidances as related to virtual currency, I cannot faithfully interpret the laws as they pertain to Dogecoin.
  • You cannot make more then £64,000 a year total in exchange services
  • Turnover (anything you gain after losses are calculated) cannot be more then 5% of your total annual turnover
  • Currency exchange worth more than 1,000 euros must be limited to one per customer - This is both for one single large transaction and multiple small transactions to a single individual
  • Your primary business cannot be solely performing monetary transactions, it must be secondary to your main business. This is hard to interpret, so let's put it this way: You can't just exchange money as a business. You would need to sell lemons at your lemon stand, and do money exchange on the side. It's very hard to do this without seeming like a front for a money laundering service though.
  • You cannot perform an exchange for just anyone: They have to be your customer. For example, if you go to a private bank, they cannot exchange money for you unless you open an account with them (just an example). (Note: This is a very weird portion of the law.)
After reading and interpreting the current UK laws to the best of my understanding, all I can say is that until the UK provides guidance for cryptocurrency, be VERY CAUTIOUS about performing ANY transactions, to the point where if I was living in the UK, I would not try selling any crypto with a 10ft (3M) pole. Buying seems fine though.
Common questions:
Note: Please check the USA section prior to asking a question. Since many countries have not pushed official laws, many of the general principles are the same between countries when it comes to money exchange services.
No questions at this time
I'll try to answer more questions as they come along, as well as glean any better answers from comments below.
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    4. Ethereum just processed 0.46% of Visa's total tx per day. And it did so without Ethereum Dapps using scaling solutions. (625 points, 78 comments)
    5. Perspective: It seems many are currently unaware that ETH will have a lower inflation rate than BTC (and BTC-Forks) come Proof of Stake & beyond. (525 points, 136 comments)
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    3. A shitcoin ICO called Prodeum just exitscammed millions of dollars from investors and left them only this message on their ICO website (1543 points, 200 comments)
    4. Trevon James erased 39 of his YouTube videos promoting BitConnect yesterday. Looks like he starts getting worried about the class action lawsuit against him (1364 points, 223 comments)
    5. Tron's TRX whitepaper raises more red flags than a workers parade in Soviet Union (1124 points, 235 comments)
    6. Charlie Lee retweet: "Wow! How absurd! Tron whitepaper is mostly stolen copy & paste!" (381 points, 109 comments)
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    2. Today, Ethereum has processed 50% more txs than BTC. Ethereum currently has 17 pending TX and BTC has 45k. It takes $0.006 to move Ether in less than 20 seconds. (1411 points, 282 comments)
    3. Visa, IBM, Microsoft and USAA have all posted jobs in the past week looking for Ethereum developers (865 points, 47 comments)
    4. Goldman-Backed Startup Circle Launches No-Fee Foreign Payments Service. Built on Ethereum. (852 points, 86 comments)
    5. Etheremon is completely centralized and the owners can withdrawal all the funds from the contract. (665 points, 387 comments)
    6. On average, it's 59x cheaper to send an Ethereum transaction than a Bitcoin transaction. (484 points, 31 comments)
    7. Ethereum dapps expected to launch very soon. (395 points, 131 comments)
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    3. ETH price in one year: between $700 and $14,000, averaging around $3,500. (1056 points, 543 comments)
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    1. "If you are new to #blockchain (s) and you wonder which of the top 100 from coinmarketcap will win - you should realize that 43 of those 'coins' are ON the Ethereum blockchain." (2557 points, 167 comments)
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    5. Today is important in the History of cryptocurrencies. Miners earn now more money by securing Ethereum than Bitcoin. (378 points, 42 comments)
    6. Chairman of Fair Trade Commission of South Korea: Whether cryptocurrency investment is excessive speculation or not, the risk is on the investor, and thus the government should not outright ban economic activity because it is risky. That's for the individual investors to decide. (374 points, 20 comments)
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    1. It happened! $1234.56! (3600 points, 147 comments)

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[PI] There was a prompt last year for a comedy love triangle with a teenage ghost, and I liked it so much I just kept going. Would you like to have a look?

I started this at the end of last year from this prompt, and then it became like a thing. I've been trying to get to it on Mondays. The second story finishes on kind of a cliff-hanger. Of course you don't have to read that far. But I welcome feedback on any part that you read. (So far, other critiques can be summed up as: less detail, more about characters, good pacing, good clarity). Thanks for looking!
The Good Young Five! and the Golems of German Gold
The Good Young Five! and the League of Iron Rings
TRUE: There is a stretch of the I-4 Highway in Florida known as The Dead Zone. It allegedly sits upon a grave where four German immigrants were buried in the 19th century. It is rumored to be haunted. It has a high number of accidents each year. And it has a significantly higher percentage of fatalities to accidents than other parts of the highway.
The girl with blue eyes was drinking a Coke in the hallway at my middle school, Florida Cedar Middle School, when I bumped into her.
"Sorry," I said.
"Wait," she said. "What did you say?"
She had started walking backwards right in front of me. She pulled her dark hair over her shoulder, and she squinted at me with her blue eyes. She wasn't wearing a uniform like the rest of us 8th graders, and she didn't have a backpack either. But she looked about my age, fourteen years old, or maybe thirteen. She moved her face up close to mine, like she was checking me for something.
"You can see me?" she said.
She was slowing me down. There were still about five minutes left, but Wednesday Art was my only class with Brigidde Smarton all week. And I was going to ask Brigidde to the 8th Grade Dance. I wanted to get there early, so I could save a seat for Brigidde, because my dad had told me that high-school was like real-estate: Location, Location, Location. I figured that if we sat together she would have to say yes.
But my heart was bumping, because it was Now or Never (as my dad also said). The Dance was in two weeks. And I wasn't really listening to the girl with blue eyes, who wore a long-sleeve white shirt with a dog stitched by the collar, because I was thinking about Brigidde. I felt kind of sick. I was trying to rehearse what to say.
"This is my classroom," I told the girl with blue eyes so she would leave. "Art Class, Room 202."
She looked behind her.
"You said that to me, right?" she said.
I went in, but she followed me.
I think it's the job of an Art Teacher to be both weird and oblivious. So, Mr Ease didn't even say anything when this girl walked in behind me. She had never been in our classroom before, and she had a can of Coke which wasn't allowed, but Mr Ease just looked up and nodded. Then, he went back to cutting some clay on his desk with a scalpel.
"Why are you ignoring me?" the girl asked when I sat down.
I took out my sketch-book and my pencils. I started drawing, but she got in the desk beside me.
"Are you going to stay here?" I asked her. "I'm sorry I'm being rude, but I'm just really nervous right now and - "
"You ARE talking to me!" she jumped up again. "I knew it! But wait, does that mean like... you're the same as me?"
"I mean like... what are you?"
"Don't you have a class to go to?" I asked her.
And then Brigidde walked in. Brigidde walked in with her green eyes like shallow seas in the sun. She had freckles, and her hair was red like fire and sunrise. Brigidde was forced to wear the school-uniform, like the rest of us, even though she should be robed in only moonlight and flowers. I felt a lump in my throat.
"Hey, Toe," said Brigidde.
"Hey," I said.
"Oh my God," said the girl with the Coke. "Are you talking to her, too?"
"What?" I said.
"What?" said Brigidde.
"Sorry I wasn't talking to you," I said.
"Okay," said Brigidde.
"You weren't?" said the girl with the Coke.
Then I looked up, and Mr Ease was standing over me. He was staring at my sketch-book on my desk, where I was drawing to try to control my nerves. He had brown eyes, and he was watching me closely, with his weird thin scarf wrapped around him like he was in the desert, or like he was trying not to breathe on me. The other students were coming in, and Mr Ease held up his hands to make them stay quiet, while he looked down at me.
"That's right, Antony," he said to me. "That's what Art is. It's all the voices. You have to hear all the voices, and you just don't stop, because it's Art. IT'S ART! It's no weasel shrinking from the vast and empty, but it IS. IT IS! Don't let me stop you, Toe. You're in it! Keep going, keep feeling it!"
"What?" I asked.
"Wait, he's talking to you, too!" said the girl with the Coke.
But, suddenly, I could feel everyone. Everyone in the class was crowding around my desk, where I was drawing. I could feel their body heat. My left hand was shaking under the desk, even while I was sketching with my right hand, because it was Now or Never. But I couldn't talk to Brigidde with everyone watching me. I couldn't ask her to the Dance with Mr Ease standing over me like a crazy uncle. I wanted to talk to Brigidde alone. I was going to say: People think this whole Dance thing is over-rated, but it's cool, too, right? And she was going to say: Yeah, I actually think so. Then our hands would just sort of come together, like it was meant to be.
But then I realized I was drawing Brigidde! And everyone was watching. It was too late, because 40 minutes had gone by - like that! - and I was already finished with the drawing. I was putting the final touches on it while everyone hovered around me. Now, they would all see Brigidde on my paper. Even from the gray of my pencil, they would know it was her green eyes like seas and her red hair like fire. They would know how I felt!
"Oh, it's beautiful," said Brigidde. "Who is it?"
"What?" I said.
"May I?" said Mr Ease.
He leaned forward and drew up my sketch-book. Like a proud mother, he turned it around to show the class - but the girl in my picture had dark hair, but with eyes that somehow seemed blue in spite of the pencil's gray.
"You're a psycho!" said the girl with the Coke. "Is that how it happened? Is that like - wait, are you a stalker or something and you killed me? And now I'm supposed to - "
"I don't even know you!" I shouted. "Get away! I didn't draw you! I drew Brigidde! But you changed it and it's ugly! You ruined it!"
My nerves had snapped, and I was on my feet now, shouting, in front of everyone. The girl with blue eyes started crying. Everyone was looking at me. Then, the girl with blue eyes turned and ran, with her dark hair streaking behind her like a shimmer on the water at night. The classroom's blue metal door opened as she went out, and everyone looked at the door when it swung closed again. The bell rang.
"Thanks Mr Ease," the whole class said and they left.
I sat down again, alone, in the Art Classroom. I ran a hand through my short rough hair. I pulled my sketch-book to myself slowly, because it wasn't even Now or Never anymore, it was Too Late. Mr Ease was back at his desk, chiseling at his little clay doll. The next class was already coming in, in their lumpy white shirts and maroon uniforms.
"That's the kid who my sister said just totally flipped out today," one of them was saying. "She said the door just opened by itself after he shouted."
"But she said the picture was amazing, right?" said another. "I'd love to see it."
I got up and walked out. The whole day was like a hazy dream after that. In Biology and History, I sat in the back and drew in my sketch-book. I sketched through Applied Science, too. And, even after school, I sat in the courtyard and sketched while everyone went home. The school turned eerily quiet, like something that had just died. The teachers stayed in their classrooms, making occasional noises like ghosts. Then, they left, too.
I was alone, still sketching in the courtyard, while the sky softened as evening fell. Then, the low sun suddenly flashed on a dome on top the school. It was like light in a blade, and I flinched - and a cold hand grabbed my neck. I turned around, and there was a haggard gray face staring at me.
"It's Art!" said Mr Ease.
He smelled like the homemade rum that my uncle and grandfather made from the sugarcane on their farm.
"It's art and it knows that I killed her!" said Mr Ease. "I killed her and she came in through the door, and she was there on the picture to get me! To get me! Because it's art and it's alive and it knows!"
"Knows what?"
"Good heavens!" Mrs Sippi appeared. "Let's get you home, Mr Ease. What are you doing?"
Mrs Sippi took Mr Ease back to his classroom. She had sharp blue eyes and silvered hair that was done up in a bun above her glasses, and she was always kind. But today she seemed brisk, like she was hiding Mr Ease from me. She told me to leave while she called him a taxi.
I walked home under the green June trees. I was still wearing the blue blazer and tie of my school uniform, but there was grass pollen in the air - it made my eyes water like I was about to cry. Or maybe I secretly wanted to cry, because I was ashamed. I had missed my chance to ask Brigidde to the 8th Grade Dance.
But then, when my front door opened, Brigidde was standing there, like the luckiest break of all time.
"Hey, Big Toe!" my dad said. "We've got the new neighbors here for dinner, but I think you already know one of them."
It was like a dream when he pulled me in and closed the door. He had his hand on my head, scruffing me, and I didn't even care that he still treated me like I was eight years old, because Brigidde was there. I had another chance! She was with a man and a woman, and suddenly I understood. She had been talking about moving for months. The house next door had a For Sale sign that went up and was taken down again. It was them. This tall man, with the gray vest and reading glasses in his pocket, was Brigidde's father; and this friendly round woman with the curly red hair was Brigidde's mother. These were my neighbors. Brigidde was going to be right here next to me.
"Location, location, location, am I right, Big Toe?" my dad asked. "Why don't you head back and wash up for dinner."
"Oh, and Brigidde told us you were amazing in Art today," said my mother. "Bring us out your picture. It was a girl, right? And get your brother, too."
"Breda always talks about you," said the woman with the curly red hair.
Breda. That was Brigidde's nickname at home, she had told home. She said it was Celtic for healing, and, when I had heard that, I imagined her clothed in a glowing wind on the Scottish moorlands. I had drawn her like that. But I always changed her just a little, so that no one (like my brother) would know if they got hold of my sketch-book. I always changed her, I realized, and since I rarely used color-pencils, there was no way to know the hair-color and eye-color.
"That's impossible!" I said to myself, and I suddenly ran back to my room to check my sketches.
It wasn't just today's picture - I had drawn the girl with the Coke in all my sketches. She was everywhere. I flipped through my smudged pages, but every time I had tried to draw Brigidde, I could see that she actually had darker hair and blue-ish eyes. Every picture was the girl from school today. It made my skin prickle to see her all through my sketch-book, and I turned around to throw my backpack into my closet. But, when I opened the door, the girl with the Coke was inside.
"Jeez!" I jumped backwards and fell against my dresser.
I had hit my bed, too, and my pillow and a sweater fell on my head. By the time I had pulled them off, my brother was in the room. He was my twin. He looked just like me, with brown eyes like aster honey, but his black hair was cut short because he was a swimmer.
"Someone called for me?" he asked.
"Christophe, shhh," I said quietly. "Someone's in that closet. Open the door and stay calm. Maybe she has a weapon."
He turned and threw open my closet and screamed.
"Oh God! It's got me! It's eating my face! Oh God! What is this thing? Oh God!"
The closet was empty, and my brother fell back onto my bed laughing.
I hung up my blazer and tie, and I rolled up my sleeves while my brother grabbed my sketch-book. He was flipping through the pages.
"Where's the one from today, Toe?" he asked.
"It's the last one. Bring it with you. And you should have been out there already helping get dinner."
"I was out there helping. I just came back to make sure my Bitcoin miner was running. Getting that cryptographic loot, son. You know I just made a hundred dollars and lost it again in a week."
"Way to go."
"The new neighbor thought it was cool. I told her and she kept asking me questions. She's fun to talk to. We're going to the 8th Grade Dance together."
I had walked past him to the bathroom in the hallway, where I was washing my hands. But, now, I stepped out. I was just standing there, unmoving, with my hands still wet while my brother shrugged.
"I asked her and she said Yes," he told me. "No biggie."
"Man, you should just see your face right now! Of course I didn't ask her!"
He pushed me back into the bathroom and ran down the hallway into the living room. He slid on his socks. He was only 20 minutes younger than me, but he always acted like he was nine years old. I heard him ask our dinner guests to look at the amazing picture that he drew in his spare time today. He said it was more precious to him than any amount of money, but, if someone was interested, he would start the bidding at five dollars. My mother told him to sit down. Then, she cleared her throat like I should be at the table by then.
I dried my hands and walked down the hall. My mother held up the picture from Art Class when I joined everyone at the table.
"Tell us about it," she said.
"Just a girl."
"He keeps her in his closet," my brother Christophe said.
My father laughed as he passed me the potatoes.
"She shounds kind of shelf-ish," my Dad did a Scottish accent.
"But has she been in his drawers?" my brother said.
My mother's face colored. She was blushing, and - because her curly black hair was pulled back behind her earrings in a thin elegant hair-band - we could see her ears coloring, too. She looked at my father, and he looked sternly Christophe.
"Dinner talk, Little Toe," my father said to my brother.
"I'm shorry."
"He was amazing, though," said Brigidde. "It was like watching... I don't know. But everyone was watching. A picture like that would have taken me hours. I couldn't even do it anyways. It's hyper-realism, right? That takes forever. But it was just amazing. Who was she, Toe?"
"The girl sitting beside me?" I asked.
"No, the girl in the picture."
"She was sitting beside me."
"She's in our class?"
"No, she was just there today," I said.
"I didn't see her."
"She was right beside me when you walked in."
"You were alone when I walked in," said Brigidde
She had the sketch-book, which everyone had been passing around. She handed it to me across the table - and our fingers touched. She smiled and looked into my eyes.
"Wait, I recognize that girl," said Brigidde's mother.
She put down her napkin, and she squinted at the picture as I held it up to her. And Brigidde's father, too, seemed to go remarkably still in his chair, like he was watching my face for something. They were nice people. I had met them at a parent-teacher talent-show the year before, when Brigidde recited from the Cathach of St. Columba. I had shown some pictures then. Afterwards, the Smartons had asked me about our Art Teacher, Mr Ease. They wanted to know something about his drawings. And Mr Smarton had kept hooking a finger over his tie to loosen it, like he was having trouble breathing. But I couldn't remember much of that conversation now.
"She's a child model on TV, right?" Mrs Smarton wondered. "No, that's not it, but I've seen her somewhere. Anyways, that's just like school! Somebody right there and you don't even notice them. Can you believe Wilbert and I went to the same high-school and never knew each other? We had the same classes, too. It wasn't until we started dating in college that we figured it out. To be young!"
"To be young!" my parents raised their glasses.
But Mr Smarton sat back and drank his wine - he was still looking at me.
"You should walk Brigidde to school tomorrow," he said.
"I should?"
"Yeah, it'd be good for her. This'll give her a chance to get to know the area."
Brigidde made this sort of smile - it was like she had bitten into a lemon with only the left side of her mouth. It was beautiful to me, but her father laughed.
"Can you be outside tomorrow at seven, Antony?" he asked me.
It was very early in the morning while I walked with Brigidde to school. There was a lake on the way, and the sky was pale above it, with a crescent moon shining on the water. We stopped. It was a Second Chance. It was Destiny. I was just about to ask Brigidde to the 8th Grade Dance, when she said she was cold. She stepped close to me, and we kissed for a long time.
"Brigidde," I finally said.
The girl with the Coke was in my room, and I jumped up in my bed. I had been dreaming. It was 3:00 am. I pressed my back against the wall, while the girl with dark hair and blue eyes watched me from where she was sitting at my desk.
"What are you doing here?" I asked.
"I don't know," she said.
She looked at the floor. I leaned quickly to the side of my bed and got my old baseball bat.
"You're going to hit me?" she asked. "Isn't it enough that you already killed me?"
"What are you talking about?"
"I'm talking about your sketch-book, Antony McStalkerton."
"What? Were you in the closet earlier? Did you steal my sketch-book? How long have you been here?"
"Yes. No. And long, but not long," she said. "I was mostly in your brother's room - oh my God, he's such a hunk."
I put down the baseball bat. She was still wearing her jeans and her white shirt with the dog stitched at the collar-bone, like I had drawn her in my picture. She was still drinking her Coke.
"He's my twin," I said. "He looks the same as me."
"In your dreams," she said.
"We literally have the exact same DNA. He is exactly the same as me."
"Yeah, but he has that haircut," she said, "and that body. What is he?"
"He's a swimmer."
"Oh my God, I love swimmers," she said.
"Yeah right. Name one other swimmer in the world."
"Michael Phelps," she said.
"Name another one," I said.
"Your brother."
"You're an idiot."
There was a noise from the wall behind her. She got up and moved sideways to my open door, and I picked up my baseball bat again. But it was only my brother.
He came out into the hallway. He was wearing his boxer shorts, and his short black hair was matted at one side of his head. He stood there, sleepwalking. It used to freak me out when he did that, but now I usually just waited for him to go back to bed. The girl with blue eyes got up and went into the hallway, too, beside my brother. She started jumping and throwing her arms out to the side. It looked like a kind of dancing.
"Whatchu gonna do if I do THIS!" she shouted. "Whatchu gonna do if I do THIS!"
She started thrusting her hips around.
"Stop!" I whispered. "What are you doing? Shh! You'll wake my parents."
"Whatchu gonna do if I do THIS!" she shouted.
"Uh," my brother groaned.
The girl with blue eyes was right in front of him, but he stumbled past her, as if she weren't there. He went back into his bedroom. I heard him fall on his bed, and the girl with blue eyes stopped dancing. She sighed. She came back to where she had been sitting at my desk.
"I just don't think you're a murderer," she said as she sat down. "But you're also the only person who sees me, so there has to be a connection."
"Who sees you?"
"Come on!" she said. "Haven't you been paying attention today? I'm not wearing the school uniform! Nobody sees me. Not your friend in class, not even your brother."
"He's a heavy sleeper."
"A heavy sleeper?"
She walked out of the room again. Then, I heard her in my brother's room, screaming at the top of her lungs - it sounded like a cat was has having its fur pulled out. It went on and on, for a good four or five minutes. Then, the girl with blue eyes walked back into my room again, where she dusted off her hands like she had just finished some hard work. Her can of Coke was balanced on top of her head. She took it down and drank.
"You see?" she asked.
"You're trying to tell me you're a - "
There was a scratching in the wall again. This time the girl with the Coke jumped.
"What was that?" she asked.
"My brother."
"No that came from the window," she said.
I leaned forward to pull back the curtains.
"No, stop!" she said. "Stop! Stop! What if you open it, and it's like a face or a monster or something. I'm scared of ghosts."
She got up on the bed with me and grabbed my arm. Maybe I was still half-asleep. But I looked at her and shook my head. I threw the curtains back. The girl with the Coke screamed and lightning flashed, and a face appeared in my window - it had eyes that were green like seas and hair that was red like fire.
Brigidde crawled in and sat with me on the floor. We pulled the blanket down around our shoulders and leaned close to each other. She had a book of ancient writing.
"I'm really glad you're awake, Toe," she said. "I want to show you something."
"She's always reading," said the girl with the Coke, who was sitting at my desk again.
"You know her?" I asked her.
"Who?" said Brigidde.
"I've been sleeping at her house," said the girl with the Coke.
"She's been sleeping at your house?" I asked Brigidde.
"Who?" said Brigidde.
"She can't see me, you idiot," said the girl with the Coke.
"Just be quiet," I said.
"What?" said Brigidde.
"Not you."
Brigidde looked around the room. She looked right at the girl with the Coke, who started flipping her hair and whispering - it looked like she was going to do that awful dance again ("Whatchu gonna do if I do THIS!"). But then, Brigidde just shrugged and opened the book.
Brigidde's fingers went across the strange writing, and she pronounced something I didn't understand. Then, she pointed at a sketch. It looked like a squat clay man, with short legs and huge arms and a body like a box. The clay man had strange letters on his forehead. Brigidde leaned close to me so I could see the picture better, and I smelled her hair. We were sitting right next to each other on the floor. She looked up into my eyes and my brain went soft.
"Did you see what Mr Ease was doing on his desk today?" Brigidde asked me.
She took out a printed picture. It was an image of Mr Ease's desk, with the clay that he had been carving with his scalpel. He was making a figure that looked exactly like the figure in the book.
"My friend took this picture with her phone today," said Brigidde, "and she emailed it to me so I could print it. It's a golem. Mr Ease is making a golem! They come from Germany and Prague, and they can come to life!"
"It was almost Too Late," I said.
"What? They come alive! They protect you from evil - but then they become evil themselves, sometimes. And they can communicate with the dead."
"They communicate with the dead," said the girl with Coke. "Maybe HE knows something!"
"Quiet!" I told her.
"What?" said Brigidde.
"People think this whole 8th Grade Dance thing is over-rated," I said to Brigidde, "but it's cool in a way, right?"
Brigidde looked at me and her lower jaw fell open. Her lightly-freckled face went blank. Her green eyes went clear and far away, like she was looking past me into the distance. And I felt something cold go into my heart. I wished my Dad would have said Timing, Timing, Timing, because that would have been better. I had screwed up again. Suddenly, I couldn't move because it was like the air was made of needles. Brigidde stood up and pulled the cover off her shoulder, and she turned to the window, which I had left open.
"I have to go," she said.
"No wait," I said. "I'm sorry, Brigidde. I - "
She was already outside.
"Good night, Antony!" she said.
She took off running. There was a soft drizzle of rain starting, and she disappeared at the pine tree between our yards, going around to her back porch. I heard her sliding glass door close in the distance. I slumped on my bed.
"Oh my God, that was so awkward," said the girl with the Coke.
"Please, be quiet."
I pushed my face into my pillow.
"Did you really mean what you said... about your picture today?" the girl with blue eyes asked me.
"Huh?" I said into my pillow.
"Today, earlier... you said I... your picture was ugly."
I turned around on my bed. I pulled up my blanket, which was halfway off the mattress onto the floor, where Brigidde had dropped it. The girl with the Coke was still sitting at my desk, but she was only using half the chair. She was leaned forward over her knees. She had put down her cold soda-can between my cup of pencils and my stacks of American and manga comic-books. She was touching her lips with her finger-tips.
"What's your name?" I asked her.
I sat up and closed the window.
"I don't know," she said.
"You don't know?"
"I don't remember."
"You know Michael Phelps," I said. "But you don't know your name?"
She shrugged.
"Well listen, Blue-Eyes," I said. "I think you're very pretty. It's just I had a lot on my mind today, and I was being an idiot. It had nothing to do with you."
"Was it her?'"
She looked at the window.
"Yes," I said. "It was her."
She nodded to herself. She stood up and crossed her arms, and then she pulled her shimmery dark hair to one side, so that it covered the dog that was stitched on her shirt. She was looking at the floor. She was wearing blue socks with white stars on them. She had her weight on one foot, with the other foot on top of it, like she was trying not to take up too much space while she waited for something.
"Blue-Eyes," she said. "I like that. You can call me that, if you want."
"And I'll make you a deal," she said. "If you'll help me figure out whatever I'm supposed to be doing, and why I'm here, then I'll help you get that that girl with the book to fall in love with you."
"It's all so easy."
"Maybe it is. We can start tomorrow."
"But we'll never see each other again."
"Nothing," I told her. "I just said I was tired. I'm sleepy. But it's a deal."
"It's a deal?"
"Sure," I said.
She smiled, and a softness went through her, like she had taken off something heavy.
"Thanks," she said. "Well... good-night, Antony McStalkerton."
"Good night, Diana Blue-Eyes."
"Good night."
I turned and faced my wall and yawned. The next thing I remembered I was waking up again, with my alarm clock going off.
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